Random topic basically just two people conversing (VOTE IN THE POLL PLEASE (It's reply 307))


omg spelling bee senpai :weary: :100: :ok_hand: :weary:


i’ll remind you after your shower lol

i’ll send a link again because it was sent forever ago and you dont need to scroll all the way up



dogn some reandom stuff bc 10 chracerts you nwo so


hey i’m back lol


gonna go get some cereal brb let’s hope the rat doesn’t touch me


hey hey how was your showerr and stuff


yike gl lmao

i suppose by now you have your cereal


heyy the shower was good except for the part where i nearly fell to my death ¯_(ツ)_/¯


it didn’t touch me, fortunately

the cereal was good


what omg storytime


thats good to both of those things


okay it’s not that exciting but anyways, i forgot what i was doing i think i was trying to grab shampoo or something and i like put my foot down and it slipped. luckily i caught myself and just sat on the shower floor for like thirty seconds lmao


lmao good job


also just plopping that down


fuuuuck im actually really tired and i think i’m gonna hit the hay


i really do want to read it


goodniiiight ily


its alright rest up dear

goodnight, have sweet dreas, ilyt


okay lol

also dont read the notes or summary it spoils a lot of it it would be better if you just start reading
and if you need any ham backgrouend for it hmu lol




honestly i think i have gorgeous long locks so

try me again

(lmao whats even going on)