Random topic basically just two people conversing (VOTE IN THE POLL PLEASE (It's reply 307))


Ummmmm… yeah nope. that was my best insult lol


lol i often call people swine when i cant think of something


hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

yes this body makes sense kc


Yoooo!! I’m bored and want to conversate with some peoples!!


oh hey hey hey how are you whats up broski


I’m actually having a nice night! My day started out rough but then things got better. Wbu?


kinda sad that i missed daveed’s livestream lmao, but other than that im really good!!

im also glad that ur good


I am honestly soooo in love and I can’t stop thinking about this boy :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


ooOOHOHoHOhHOHO spill man


He’s soooooo cute!!! He has an amazing personality too. I trust him a lot as well and last night we had the best conversation :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


aY thats good for all three of those things

what was it about?


Soo last night I wanted to relapse again so I messaged two people on twitter. He responded immediately and kept telling me it’s going to be okay and I have to be strong for him. He said that I am an amazing person and that he will never forget me ( I told him I was scared he would forget about me) and he kept reassuring me and in the end he said he wishes he could just give me a big hug becuase he knows I need it and he wants to hold me close :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


hey i’m pete wentz from my chemical romance


oh my god thats really cute ndsjdsdsdskd i love it


I keep falling more in love with him everyday :heart_eyes:


asdhfh that’s adorable i ship it


hey this is gared weh from peenic! at the dance party and your watching disney channel




brb i have to get ready for my concierto de orquesta


three o’s does that mean something