Rant thing (school pledge)



this is a chanpter in a thing i wrote on wattpad but I’ll copy/paste it for you guys.

yea. you know what im talkign about. when they say “please stand for the flag” in the morning before the late bell rings.

Well, there is this sheet of paper on the wall beside me in 2nd period that says only students with a signed parent slip can sit down for the pledge…

well thats kind of not fair for those of us with different views than our parents. if i bring a sheet of paper to my parents with it saying that i dont want to stand for the flag and try and get them to sign it, they would throw it back in my face and call me an “idiotic democrat that is being fed lies”… NO, IM NOT. I MEAN, YES I AM LIBERAL. BUT IM NOT IDIOTIC AND THE ONLY LIES IM BEING TOLD IS FROM YOU.

i dont want to stand for teh flag because i dont beleive in god.

thank you.

i like opinions agreeing or not agreeing.

so leave them.



to add to this,

i think us as high schoolers should be able to express our rights/opinions WITHOUT our parents consent.


THANK YOU. ugh @mmKay this post is my life


wow thats stupid

BUT i just dont say it no one can tell really, if u just stand up and pretend that ur doing it it works



You stand for the pledge of allegiance not because of your belief in god, but because of your loyalty to your country.

Out of all the men that died fighting for your own country, sitting down (or kneeling) is more disrespectful than racism.

If you don’t believe in God, don’t say “under God”. That’s it! You don’t have to put your hand over your heart either. Just stand up straight, or at least salute the flag.

If I see anyone who sits during a national anthem or pledge of allegiance, I will probably censored


Ever seen these before?


The pledge may be an expression of gratitude for our veterans to you, but that doesn’t mean that’s what the pledge stands for to others. I’m sorry it offends you when we don’t stand, but your interpretation of the pledge isn’t universal in this country made up of so many cultural backgrounds.


In my district, up until the end of middle school they make us say the pledge, but we don’t do it anymore in high school. I’m pretty sure they recognize that high schoolers won’t just conform to whatever they are told, and we are mature enough to know what’s going on and what we believe in.


yes. i respect those people that fought formy rights. im not burning or stomping on the flag, now i think thats disrespectful. but standing for the flag?? yea not worse than racism.

and thank you for being mature about your responce and not freaking out (cough sarcasm cough)


just an update on this bc my views have changed and also i have nothing to do.

i believe in God.

I stand for the pledge bc i see it as a sign of respect for my country and the ones who died/are fighting to protect it.

i wont judge anyone who doesn’t stand for the pledge bc we all have different opinions and people may see the flag as a different representation than i do (such as the belief in God).

no, i am not a liberal. i am independent, meaning i agree/disagree with both sides.