Share your SONG OF THE WEEK!


I need some new songs on my playlist!!!
It can be anything :slight_smile:
P.S. Any one have good study songs? Something not too distracting
My SotW is Over the Rainbow - Todrick Hall


the two that wont leave my brain is…



they’re sad songs… boo! but they’re beautiful.


There are so many I like but when I’m thinking I like to listen to

Chasing Cars- Snow Patrol
Dear No One- Tori Kelly
I Need You- M83
The Things I Do- Tessa Violet
My Own- Whitaker
Think of You- Christina Grimmie

Those are some I enjoy but I am one to be caught listening to weird ass music so…


Popular Song by Mika ft Ariana Grande

Study music I recommend anything by Yiruma. My main faves are River Flows in You and Maybe.


My SoTW is I See Fire by Janet Devlin (Ed Sheeran cover). Ed’s original is bloody brilliant, but there’s just something about Janet’s cover that makes me happy.

And when I’m studying, I like to listen to the Merlin soundtrack, Doctor Who soundtrack, Game of Thrones soundtrack, etc. Basically, just find some good, intense, instrumental songs and listen to those, because you won’t be distracted by the lyrics, and the epic battle songs will help you study like a #BAWSE


My song of the week; Satisfied, by the OBC of Hamilton


Masterpiece by Disclosure; it isn’t distracting or loud.


Mine is From Above by Ben Folds & Nick Hornby it’s like rlly sad but thought provoking :thinking:


Oh my goodness, I have been playing this on repeat all week.


now it’s these two songs by the talented, underrated Demi Lovato


Lmao I was feeling really emo the other day so I listened to some sad or too happy I’m crying songs and mine has to be “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri


Literally the Shrek the Musical soundtrack cuz my audition is tomorrow. Also the Hamilton soundtrack cuz who doesn’t love Hamilton




No offense I love you A LOT as a friend but I wouldn’t really call Demi Lovato underrated…NO OFFENSE though HONEST!!!


…overrated then…?


…or just… rated…


SUCH a fun, dancey Kpop song! Plus, she’s HAWT!!! Not gonna lie :two_hearts:


I wasn’t trying to be rude honest! I’m sorry!!! Honest! Legit!!!


lmao i know.