Share your SONG OF THE WEEK!


i meant the french song :joy:

yeah, but his music is good.


Oh, sorry :joy:


oh, lol, it’s fine. :slight_smile:


I have several songs of the week.

  1. Water (nothing new but considering it basically describes my life now im listening to it all of the time.
  2. Wasted by MKTO
  3. Brave Honest Beautiful by Fifth Harmony


Feeling Myself by Nicki Minaj feat. Beyoncè


i actually don’t like the original. I only like SF’s cover haha


i like both lmao. but i do have some problems with the original tho.


Same. I like SF’s better cause A. Mitch just slays it and B. It’s more clean.


i love that one!!
actually i like the original slightly more than SF cover. but i like both!


Renegade by KO
Just the way you are by the Piano Guys


Addict with a pen By Twenty one Pilots


i dont know some song about being how youre cool and im cooler your pretty but im cuter and smarter


This song is awesome. Hands down, my song of the week.


Goodbye forever- us the duo


hehe lol i couldnt remeber


Coldest winter from “A pentatonix chistmas”; holiday music got to me too soon like many other people




when you type in the name of the song wrong



Just the way you are- The Piano Guys (cover)


This is my song of the week:

Plus the duet version!