Show Off Your Handwriting!


okay so i thought this would be cute: a thread where we all post a picture of our handwriting.

write the sentence “amazingly few discotheques provide jukeboxes” and numbers 0-9 so i can see what ur handwriting looks like

if u write it cursive then do that. if you write in both penmanship and cursive you can show both. whatever else you’d like to write besides that sentence and the numbers you can do as well.

i hope this turns out litty.





it’s super blurry but this is what it looks like basically

so yea


That is beautiful sis! :heart::heart::heart:


aww thx! I copied the passage off the internet lol,


This is from my whiteboard that I have in my room that I put quotes on.


oh god my handwriting’s awful now it looks nothing like it used to

essays have wrecked me


omg wtf that handwriting turns me on :joy::joy:


hmmmm it’s awful now
absolutely NOTHING like it used to be


I was singing a cover of Over The Rainbow by Todrick Hall on Snapchat and couldn’t remember the words so I wrote then down in a random notebook ANYWAY ya my handwriting is trash​:joy::joy:


yep… my handwriting is still chicken scratch.