So Many Stories, SO Little Time!


So, I need help! I can’t decide what stories I want to start next.
Some stories are action-y and others are romance-y and others are kinda sad.

One story is called “Kiss Me, Kill Me.” It’s about a young girl named Estella Marxwell. She goes to a special school where students aged 12-20 are tasked with the goals of killing off supernatural creatures. Demons, witches, vampires, OH MY!

Those that kill the most creatures get good grades and if they get enough good grades they are allowed to graduate and become professional hunters. But, such a task is dangerous because not all students make it out alive.

As she’s walking around the campus doing whatever she pleases she finds a boy underneath a tree. He has flame red hair, deep red eyes, and is tall and a fast runner. He also has…fangs?

The truth is, he’s a vampire and has nobody to love because his entire town was raided one day when he was just a kid. Everyone was killed when the academy attacked his town and he was the only one to have survived due to pity. Unlike the other vampires he actually looks more human than monster but that doesn’t change the fact that if he’s to snap or get triggered, then the entire academy will be up in flames and chaos!

Lost and sad he wants to be part of the academy despite them being his enemy. The reason as to why is heartbreaking. As she grows attached and sympathetic towards him she becomes desperate to save and protect him and help him with hiding his identity which is hard because he’s a vampire and vampires need blood to survive. If he doesn’t drink blood, then he’ll die. Scared for his life she must make sure that nobody knows about his true self…except, for the fact that a certain someone accidentally overhears a personal conversation between the two which reveals to them the truth of Trystan.

My other story is called The Realism of Dreams.

Shayla Eversteen. 17 years old and an artists. She loves painting the most but, also likes to doodle here and there sometimes.
She gets most of her inspirations from the dreams that she gets every time she sleeps. Whether the dreams are bad, good, random, or realistic she turns them into real life.
But, when she falls asleep one night and wakes up in a place that shouldn’t exist yet, somehow DOES she’s faced with a freaky reality. A world where she’s the Queen and her King is a boy that she barely even knows and a group of people that want her heart. But of course, NOT in a romantic way unfortunately.
Desperate to escape her, “DREAM” she must use her talent to escape and find answers before she’s murdered.

The other is called, “Chasing The Clock”

Ashanti Reeves, 17 years old and bitter. When she was a child her mother ran away from home after a fight and her father left her without a word in search of his wife. She use to think that her life was the worst one ever.

But, that all changes when during a school assembly a stranger somehow manages to hide a small trinket inside of her back pocket.

She later finds out at home that when ever she touches it she’s sent into a dark black hole and is either sent to the past or the future.

Out of all the people within her world she’s been given the power to go to the future and back to the past. At first, she’s excited and amazed but then realizes that those she loves are in danger.

Whether a friend is about to be murdered two weeks from now, or has hidden emotional and physical scars from the past, or someone is about to commit suicide five days from now, she must use her new powers to save them all.

Ashanti thought that her life was hellish but, compared to her loved ones, her life is heavenly.

Ashanti must save those she loves from the fates that await them.

“Even the kindest and most honest person ever may end up being the most broken as well.” -Unknown

Another one is called Electronica

16 year old Priscilla White is special. She’s not like any other human being, she’s special and powerful! But she doesn’t realize that…yet.

When she was only 5 years old her parents had abandoned her without a single trace or “goodbye” and she now lives as an orphan and is for some reason unable to use electronics due the fact that they seem to always crash whenever she reaches a hand to them.

She lives in a large building known as “Lost Children” and is the oldest one there. Her school is a private Academy called “Perri Mt. High” and known to be a shy, introverted loner her only friend a young girl named Montie Rowan.

One day she comes home from a boring but average day of school to find that her orphanage had become a slaughter house and her only family members had been smashed to smithereens the only thing left being a note that reads “I’m coming for you, Zapper” leaving her confused and traumatized.

The next day on people at school treat her like an injured puppy and act cautious and nervous around her like she’s a ceramic doll. Except, for one boy. His name is Fye Badek and he seems to always wear long sleeved hoodies, long sweatpants, dark sunglasses and is oddly calm around her as well as protective. Fye’s past though has been painted with a crimson stain that only he knows about and will never tell anybody. Not even Priscilla. One day when he approaches her he tells her that she’s troublesome and that she’s going to die in 2 months and that the cause of death will be…herself?

One of them is also called, “As The World Rots”

The world has become possessed by a fatal disease with no cure in sight. The disease is named “Rot” because it’s caused by harsh chemicals that pollute the world and cause humans and animals to gain rashes that itch and burn and later on turn their skin green and then kill them. The world is in 2 sections, the poor and sick and the other being the rich and royal.

Everyday slowly people and animals die down and nobody is able to find answers.
When Yasha Andrews discovers that her psychically disabled older brother, Joshua Andrews is now infected desperate she travels to the rich part of the world in order to beg for the love and sympathy of the King and Queen she’s denied and sent to prison for disturbing them and is to be executed after 3 days.

Annoyed with the selfish kingdom she plans to rebel and save her own people that is, until the Prince, Quinn, swoops in on her prison stay and spies on her. At first she thinks about using his young life as a way to blackmail the King and Queen but then he tells her that he also hates his own parents and their unfair rules and wants to help Yasha and her plan to overthrow the kingdom.

But they must hurry before Yasha’s brother breathes his last breath and her village crumples down and leaves nobody left. Death, despair, and revenge is in the air and the scent is strong!

One is called, “The Village of Madness”

Meet 17 year old Maggie Clark.
She’s kind, sweet, shy, and a great singer!
She’s been told that they’re all moving, her and her parents.
It’s supposedly a mysterious village called, “BlackMoth” where a small population of only 500 people live there.
At first, Maggie is excited and curious…that is…until all hell started to rise from the ground and take over everyone’s minds.

There’s only one word to describe the residents: “Psychotic”

Everyone in the village seems to suffer from some sort of psychpathy while a small population is completely normal. Maggie is one of the normal ones. Murder, insanity, death, betrayal, and everything else fills the small village.

Another is called, “A Game of Life & Death”

How To Play

  1. Light candles to surround yourself and make the room dark

  2. Close your eyes and repeat your name 5 times

  3. Say the name of someone you dislike and repeat it 5 times

  4. Roll the dice

  5. Move your piece up or down according to the dice

  6. Pick a card and read it aloud based on where you landed and see if it’s a good or bad situation

  7. Wait for the candles to burn out by themselves

  8. Crumple up the card and toss it away

  9. Turn the lights back on and let the days move on as normal and stay calm

  10. Wait for the surprise within the next 5 days

Another one is called, “I Love To Death”

21 year old Shayla Everstein is a popular girl at her school as well as a smart lady. She loves to read, she is great at drawing, she is talented at making outfits, and other stuff. One day while walking along a small strip mall she finds a young 18 year old boy. Abandoned and homeless she pity him and decides to take him in without anyone knowing. But, she doesn’t realize it until later that he’s bee abandoned for a reason. He’s psychotic, has attachment issues, suffers from paranoia, and has severe depression.

All of these cause him to cling onto Shayla and never let go, Wherever she goes, he also goes. He doesn’t want her to leave him alone and wants to be the only one that she loves and he’s going to make sure that she understands it whether she likes it or not.

Out of all the story ideas that I’ve thought up of which one(s) do you want to read about the most?
Vote below please because I’m such an indecisive person. Choose which one seems the most interesting or entertaining and may make you curious.

  • I Love You to Death
  • Electronica
  • Chasing the Clock
  • The Village of Madness
  • A Game & Life or Death
  • Kiss Me, Kill Me
  • The Realism of Dreams
  • As The World Rots

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Each story has been inspired by other works of fiction. While they ARE inspired they aren’t SO inspired that they seem like rip-offs. You know what I mean? If you think that you know which stories have been inspired by something then name below what you think that they’ve been inspired by. Also, if you want to, you can try and guess what genre(s) each story is!


All of these sound like incredible ideas but I had to pick I Love You To Death because it sounds like it would be a romance story.


Eeeehhh…it’s more of a stalker story where the guy is obsessed with the girl. And not in a good way…but thanks!