Songs you want/wish PTX to cover


I would LOVE PTX to cover Hold Up by Beyoncé.
Or anything by Charlie Puth :heart_eyes:


ANY SONG BY TROYE SIVAN because he is an actual angel with beautiful music


Avi has SUCH beautiful voice and I feel that he should do a cover(s) for “Let it Go” by James Bay, “Flowers For A Ghost” by Thrivong Ivory, “Soldier” by Gavin Degraw, “Drops of Jupiter” by Train, “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz, and/or “Hero” by Enrique Iglesies. The reason why is because in my opinion his voice and the songs “Stamding By” and “Light in the Hallway” remind me of those songs and are all very romantic and emotional and would be perfect for him!


Also, I feel like “Bottom Of The River” by Delta Rae would be good since the song itself is very acapella-y and the band has a TON of different songs that change a bit mood wise and it’s just a very hauntingly beautiful song and the girl who sings the lead has a VERY big, strong, powerful powerhouse voice and I would be curious to see what they’d do with/to song. Here’s the original

(I’m also obsessed with this song…tbh)


Superfruit covered Happy Little Pill, if you haven’t seen it yet


I want them to cover black parade by my chemical romance


Greedy by Ariana Grande! :purple_heart:


I would want to see how they would cover Love Me Til’ You Die. Even though it is really short.


Ive always wanted a Panic!atTheDisco melody


Any song from Dangerous Woman album, even a medley of some sort! Kirstin and Mitch duo leading.


I literally have a list on my phone of songs I’d love to hear PTX cover lmao but right now, 100% Greedy by Ariana Grande with Mitch and Kirstin singing lead :ok_hand:t2:


I would love to hear PTX cover “Butterflies” (with Mitch singing the high note verse) & “Heaven Can Wait” by Michael Jackson!


I’d love to hear PTX cover “Can’t Stop The Feeling!” by Justin Timberlake. I feel like that’d be such a fun song and I love the groove to it.


I’d love for them to cover fall out boy omg like an evolution of fall out boy would be pretty BAD ASS


I’d love to hear them cover anything by Train, Bruno Mars or Adele.


I agree. And since that last week it was Mitch’s " Everybody Here’s a Good Song, Don’t Listen to Anything Else Today!!" on Superfruit, it would be AMAZING!


yeah, I know😂 I’ve seen it many times, I even have it saved to my camera roll😂


I agree! It would sound incredible, I’m sure! (I’m a sucker for anything Pentatonix or Michael Jackson.):sweat_smile:


Take Me To Church by Hoizer OR…

Any Queen song…


I’d LOVE for them to do a medley of all the songs from Hamilton