Songs you want/wish PTX to cover


A full cover of Bohemian Rhapsody would be so amazing and epic!! Btw I know they did a little of it in the Evolution of Music


thank you for showing me this, I’m now obbsessed


I know that Scott did a cover of Dazed and Confused in college, which is why I think it would be amazing if they did Stairway to Heaven, or some other Led Zeppelin cover!


There are so many, but I’d love a Rent them to do Seasons of Love from Rent. Or even a Rent Medley in general.


YES. They need to do that.


Kirstie on City Dove would literally be a dream come true for me. Her voice would fit that so well.


I was literally thinking stitches right before I read your comment​:joy::joy:


That’d be so, so epic!


Faded by Alan Walker and Heathens by Twenty One Pilots :sparkling_heart:


Girlfriend by NAO


I APPROVE. RENT all the way


Or just any Broadway medley


YESSSSSS The Guitar Part tho! That would Be AMAZING


IT is HEre Your wish Came True


Yes!!! That would Be Fabulous


i’d love to see them cover Happy Ending by Mika. Mitch’s voice would be perfect for it or Ghosts by Crywolf. and then there’s Heaven by Amber Run, too :grin:


I dont wanna live forever by Zayn Malik and Taylor Swift. I want Mitch sings Zayn’s part and Kirstie sings Taylor’s part :heart_eyes:


I have a whole list but I want them to cover Issues by Julia Michaels its such a good song and anything P!ATD


“Faith” by George Michael, “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran among others


Okay, but I mean, PTX covering When The Party’s Over by Billie Eilish would sound so good!!