Spotify Question


So, I have Spotify and chose Free Premium and am using it now but am also confused…
It says that they’ll pay me when it’s ended but I don’t remember EVER adding a credit card onto my Ipad and don’t know what will happen to my account when Premium Free is over and I have not entered any money info…



that happened to me aswell, the thing is the premium free thing never ended infact I still have it for free for about 7 months now

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It’s free! Who cares?

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Yeah but it’s the limited Premium like, the sample. And I need music to listen to since I’ll out of town later and won’t have wifi since I’ll be at a cabin nears the mountains and if the Premiums time is UP then I won’t get to listen to free music and will have to BUY music which I don’t want to do since I don’t have a gift card and it’d cost a lot of money to buy music since I have A LOT like, a HELLA lot!!!


When your free premium trial ends they’ll just recommend you to add your credit card but your premium trial ends. You won’t be able to pay Spotify if you haven’t entered your credit card. :slight_smile:


Soooo…my music won’t be free anymore then…?! Damn…


It will be! The thing about Spotify is that you listen to music free, Premium is only to remove ads or if you use it on your phone you won’t have to listen only through shuffle, or you can listen to it when there’s no internet connection too. When your Premium trial ends you will have to listen through shuffle only (If you use your phone), you will have ads and you’ll have to have internet connection to listen to music. The music is always free :slight_smile:


WAIT what if I’m downloading music while I STILL have the temporary Premium. What will happen to the music once the trial is over and my card is nowhere in sight…?!