Stuff you've never bothered to tell anyone


I have two different types of handwriting, one is more connected and the other looks much neater and more modern. Both are still pretty small though.


wait this is actually me


You can see when my hand started to get tired


My mom thinks she is adopted. Her brother is only 7 months younger than she is and he was born at full term. I’ve always been fascinated by this.


Same! Ahahaha. My handwriting starts off nice and tiny and easy to see/read but the more I write and the more tired and achey my hand gets the more my writing begins to get sloppy-ish and all over the place sorta. It’s kinda annoying >~<


I always eat almond butter and jelly sandwiches


That sounds really good actually.


I think about plots for new books a lot but I can never make them detailed enough or focus enough to actually write them.


I laugh for any given reason. Mainly when I’m uncomfortable or something is truly funny. And half the time I laugh for about 10 minutes straight. To the point everyone would’ve moved on and I’m still laughing.


I laugh at my own jokes. And I regret nothing. Though I’m probably not funny.


I told my friend that twilight was ‘literal’ trash. :joy: I’m so funny (no offence to twilight fans)


I convince people to believe in Santa when the holidays come around. It’s fun to believe


I don’t like hot dogs

I tried to be a vegetarian for a week

My moms favorite is Kevin

One time i convinced half of the boys in my class that my friends and I were mermaids


I don’t tell people I specifically dance ballet unless they ask. Because 99% of the time, no one cares or wants to hear it.

Also my weird obsessions. They already think I’m weird enough by myself :joy:


i stan ***** ***** too effing much.


in school, there was a year where I ate nothing but baked potato, baked beans, and cheese for lunch. Help me.


I know. You should have come up with some sort of baked cheese to continue the theme. :joy:


Baked Mac n cheese :joy:


Ikr!!! But that would be so gross


Maybe a baked cheese stick. :slight_smile: