Surrounded By Love


I have a whole circle of people behind me during this sexual assault case. My two mentors, my boyfriend, my family, and my best friend.

I got in touch with the detective that’s on my case and sent her a photo that I had taken of the offender. A warrant is out for the man’s arrest.

I went out for breakfast with my best friend yesterday and she told me that I should put out flyers with the photo that I took of the man. I was on the fence about it, so I texted my boyfriend, asking him if it was a good idea. He gave me his two cents on it, said that it would be a higher chance of the man either running or staying in hiding.

I decided to call my mentors and ask them about it. Their main concerns are just for my safety, so they said to just let the authorities handle this case and update them on anything that I can remember.

I’m feeling slightly more at ease for the time being.

Just thought I’d update y’all with that piece of info.


Thanks for the update. Glad to hear that you are getting so much help and support.