Technology Help! Issue With New Phone!


So, for Christmas my parents gifted me with a new cell phone! It’s the Samsung Galaxy Express Prime GoPhone. I love it A LOT! Problem? I chose my password and set it and signed into my new phones account. Then, a little later I forgot it…ridiculous I know! I already forgot the password to the phone that I literally just got as a gift. I tried my best to go by memory and enter it but nothing happened…I tried again…nothing…3rd time and nothing…4th time and it locks me out for 60 whole minutes! It annoys and frustrates me! My memory and skills with passwords suck major butt! I am SOOO pissed at myself!!! Help please?! I looked for answers online but no, nothing I could deem helpful. @Simset You got anything worth the while?!

And yes, I checked the booklets but nah just other unneeded stuff.


This should help you out. This will perform a hard reset/factory wipe on your phone - it will erase EVERYTHING that is saved locally - your online information will not be modified.


I read it and saw the vido tutorial. Thing is, his phone is different from mine whereas when I tried it EXACTLY the same my screen was different and his phone is a Galaxy GRAND prime. I’m thinking that they got the phone types mixed up and that’s why mine isn’t the same style


The phone types aren’t mixed up - you just have to follow the steps BEFORE the video. All that stuff you scrolled through was your solution - :joy:


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Did i fix it yet :joy:


i wish i could help but i have an iphone


best of luck to you though!!!


Help…again please! @Simsnet
Is there a way to transfer my phone number from my OLD phone to my NEW phone and reuse it and not change it all?!

And yes, it works fine again. I just want phone number help


You probably might need to contact your phone company and try swapping phones. If it runs on the TRACFone network (look for a logo with several smaller circles), you might get lucky with swapping since it’s done with SIM cards


^ everyone dont click the link above - anyone can factory reset their iOS or Android device free of charge. The only devices that would ever heave factory reset protection are those governed by an organization.