THE *BLEEP* IS This Shyt?


What is this mysterious thing? Like, some deep dark web sorta thing or a guy being stupid just to be stupid or is it some occult thingie?


thats a lot of words. can you summarize it?? :joy::joy:


Uh…no. Something about UFOS, religion, the government, birds, and other shyt



For some reason, I feel like asking you is better than asking the girls (no offense ladies)


oh conspiracy theories? i believe in a lot of those… but not the stupid ones like george bush was involved in 9/11


THEY’RE ALL OVER YAHOO ANSWERS!! All I need to do is search “ufos birds” into the search bar and these as answers show up and they all have been awarded best answer and given 5 stars even when they have nothing to do with the original persons question(s).

If someone asks, “I’m dating a 40 year old man but I’m younger. Is that bad?” and this will be one of the answers along with a legit answer and the “weird” one has 5 stars and “Best Answer.”

Another asked, “What’s Is The Best Nutrition Plan For Someone Of My Age and Weight?” and again, this was an answer.

Then, another asked, “My Dog Isn’t Eating. Is He Sick or Dying?” and again, this was an answer and so on and so on. What’s the deal with this as best answer and with 5 stars? The hell is this crazy crap?



in that case, WHAT THE ACTUAL HECK?? :joy::joy::joy:


The most random questions have this as an answer! Look at this crap!


And more


I read that as ‘shirt’ and was confused when the pic wasn’t a shirt.


Probably a troll


Nowadays in the late 20th and 21st centuries, people believe that government technologies has improved since their time, and that they believe in random signs and the effects of bad karma.

Usually these people have committed crimes in the past (or have thought wrongly), and they believe the government can spy on us by reading our brain waves through [some sort of harmonics].

How to prevent yourself from reading these? Don’t read them. These people believe that anything they think of can convict them of something. Therefore, most of them are homeless, apartment residents, or secluded in a countryside with minimal electronics.