The Great Diary of Monay 💝


Inspired by @Kyra_Pearson :orange_heart::orange_heart: as the beautiful Kyra once said: “Get your reading glasses on!”

You might remember me always ranting about my older brother not doing anything. Well, now he’s in a program called Job Corps! It helps him with getting a job and education. He left for a little while but he’s back for the holidays and I honestly did not expect to miss him so much! He goes back this Sunday and will be coming back for his 21st birthday which is at the end of February. I am really proud of him!

I just went back to school yesterday after my winter vacation. I’m FREAKING over exams. I have four of them before the next semester starts and three of them are in a row! I’m SO not used to this and wasn’t expecting it. They could’ve AT LEAST given them before break! I’m studying like crazy and regretting not deciding to start studying earlier. I’m not worried about my theatre exam, World Geography exam, and my English exam. What I AM worried about is my Algebra exam and English TDA (Text dependent analysis). Before each one I’m going to pray and ask God to be with me during the tests.

I’ve gotten deep into my religious roots again! I am a Christian, but some of my actions and language said otherwise. I’ve now been studying my bible, wearing my cross, and praying every opportunity I get :two_hearts: I also go to church with my best friend every Sunday :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:

I am taken! Tomorrow will be a week for us :purple_heart:. He is a fellow Christian and doesn’t mind the distance we have because he says soon there will be no distance (referring to our future together). He respects that I’m saving myself until marriage too :sob::sob:. He’s someone from my dreams! We don’t get to talk that often right now, but whenever we do, we listen to each other’s voices and argue over who loves each other more :heart_eyes: I think of him every night that I’m not with him and I can’t wait to introduce him to my mom once I’m 16.

I have officially dedicated myself to my grades and trying to get into the college of my dreams: Winthrop university (@Kyra_Pearson currently goes there!) I plan on getting a Master’s degree in Art History and becoming a museum technician.

Expect updates. No promises that there’ll be a schedule to them but I’ll update :two_hearts:


Exams are over!!! And I gotta say, I’m quite satisfied with my results. I got a 71 on my algebra exam (it’s a C, but considering how badly I stressed myself out over it I’m really proud of myself), a 93 on my theatre exam, an 80 on my world geography exam, and a 95 on my english exam. I’m so proud of myself! All of the studying was totally worth it! I start my 2nd semester on Tuesday.

As for love, I’m single. Sadly me and the boy I told you about didn’t work out. I’m still in love with my ex, and me and him have a very complicated relationship. He gives me ALOT of mixed signals. He got me a phone and set the lock and home screen of a picture we took together because he knew I didn’t have one, but he has a girlfriend I think…? They’ve argued over me because of my constant flirting and trying to win him back and I felt really bad… He told me it wasn’t my fault but I feel like it is. All I know is he still loves me and I still love him and I’m putting myself on hold for him.

My brother is coming home this weekend, and doesn’t have to go back until Monday because of the holiday. I probably won’t be able to go to my friend’s house this weekend because of it but it’s fine. Speaking of her, I’m sorta worried about our friendship. She’s been really distant and awfully moody and easily agitated. I don’t know why. I hope we can work it out.

Alright. The Masked Freaking Singer. This show is gonna give me a heart attack!! First Antonio Brown, and then Tommy Chong?! Now I’m DYING to know who the poodle, raven, and bee is!!! This is officially my new favorite show. My mom and I watch it together and we love guessing who is behind the mask.

I have successfully published the first chapter to my blog! It’s about the beauty of family and friends. You can read it here: (yes self-promo, please don’t report me :joy:) I haven’t even started on tomorrow’s chapter because of this beautiful thing called procrastination but I will try my best to get it out. Love y’all!


Congrats on exams sis! :kissing_closed_eyes::two_hearts: