The Heart Project


Today on January 16th, those who have ever struggled with self harming, bulimia, anorexia, insomnia, anxiety, depression, anger issues, or suicidal thoughts, draw a heart for each one that you have had on your body. If you see others with hearts give them a hug :orange_heart:



Low self-esteem, workaholic/obsessive compulsive stress, lash out in anger, crying fits, long insecurity in school over my voice being called “retard”, short height and my curves; tried so hard to lose weight before college. When I first discovered Kirstin’s blog, she had just posted chapter #37. I L O V E her last words: "remotely showing I have boobs does not empower me. Not caring anymore does.” I had a habit of writing all the things people called me and all the things I didn’t like about myself on my arms.


@MonaysMontage love and hugs. :hugs: :two_hearts:



I work today so I can’t actually draw the hearts (we are expecting the health inspector and that kind of thing could fail us) but I have my 6 hearts drawn on in spirit!





More hugs!!!