The Kirstin Connect Awards


Last year, I hosted the first Kirstin Connect Awards. People could nominate each other for certain categories, including Best KirSTAN, Most Helpful Person etc. That seemed to go well so we’re doing it again this year!
As last year was the very first year I did it, I wasn’t very organised. This year it should run more smoothly as I have learnt from my mistakes.


There will be several categories. With the exception of the ‘Art’ categories, people can nominate each other, or themselves, for whichever award they believe that person deserves. You can do this by messaging me. Choose wisely, you can only nominate one person per category. There can only be 4 nominations per category. I will update the list as often as I can.

The Art category is a little different. People have posted their art on another topic I made. Kirstin Connect Awards Official Art Board
This category will skip the nomination stage. Do not nominate them, you will have your chance to vote for your favourite.

As for the voting, I will make a topic regarding that once we have finished the nominations.


Most inspirational Person
Funniest Person
Biggest KirSTAN
Biggest Mitch Stan
Biggest Kevin Stan
Biggest Scott Stan
Most Motherly/Fatherly Person
Most Helpful Person
Most Interesting Person
Most Optimistic Person

(Remember to nominate someone for the above categories)

Photography- @gingerlove729
Performing- @gingerlove729
Writing- @TruLuv1134
(These are the people in the Art categories so far. Remember you can still send in your entries on the Art Board topic. I will close that topic and this one once we have enough nominations.)

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you.


wait wae for when noms close

ive been off the website for a very long time hAVE I MISSED THE AWARDS


Lol no one’s even nominated yet.


oh okay good lmao


can we nominate ourselves lmao


Sure! That’s fine


then i nominate myself for biggest kirstan