The Real Life Burn Book (Mean Girls)


So, this has gone on for a while but this year as well as last year feel worse. My school is Shawnee Mission East and is part of the Shawnee Mission district and is the biggest high school within the district with 1800 kids this year.
Since it’s so big it’s also somewhat diverse yet, not totally at the same time and my school has something called the Eastonian. Now, some of you may be asking me, “What’s that?” and if you re-read the title, it’ll give you an idea of what it is.

My brothers who are 26 and 28 both went here when I was younger. They knew about it back then but they said that when they were teens at my school their version of it was just for jokes and pokes and never anything too controversial.

Now comes my generation and how THEY want to turn the Eastonian into a new direction.
As of these years the Eastonian went from playfully immature to just downright cruel and mean!

From racist jokes, homophobic jokes, sexist jokes, discrimination against the mentally and physically handi-capped, and even at some teachers. Yeah, even some teachers are being made fun of!

Apparently, I think that it was last year but a kid who…wasn’t white, I can’t remember what race they were but they were new. Once they got an earful of what the Eastonian said about them, they switched schools. Isn’t that awful? To use something that use to be fun and turn it into something SO nasty that a kid had to switch schools.

I’ve heard that some students know about it because it’s either shared on an anonymous social media account, texted/emailed to others, gossiped about or anything like that or even thrown around randomly.
Thankfully, I’ve never heard anything from it but the teachers and other adults are trying to track down the ones in charge of it. Today, the bathrooms were shut down except for one set of bathrooms since some kids taped some of the papers onto the stall doors so that everytime you had to use the toilet you’d get a faceful of insults about you or someone else.

It’s tragic really. It’s underground too and the people in charge are secret and almost nobody but a few people know who they are and apparently some teachers have tracked a few, not everyone, but a few kids down and expelled them. We’re just lucky that nobody has committed suicide yet.

Here’s some info about how awful it is. If you’re curious, here’s an article.


That sounds horrible


It IS horrible. I’m scared to know whether I’m in it or not…I’ve heard people say that every single student and teacher has their name in it. I try SO hard to be nice to my friends and peers and to know that there’s a possibility that I could be in it worries me. Someone as nice as me, why would I be in it and what would it say?


It’s a dumb book and I bet they’d have to really think hard to find something very bad about you.


I’d hope so…it scares me honestly.