theres no point in being uncomfortable with urself for ur whole life is there

and holy shit is there more than 3 things u want me to start


you might win i feel thrEatened


ooh this could take all. fucking. night.


oh and we don’t have the ability to change that?


in a christian way no


Where can I learn to dance like Avi’s hips? This is a serious question.


but not everyone is religious


from his orthopedic specialist


Feels like feels like change has come…
Feels like feels like we have won.

Love you if you get it.


yes, so please don’t bring religion into arguments


what if this topic was created by the government to see what people will survive in an apocolypse


Je parler francais but only sorta.


Have I met my future husband?


i think i get what u mean

as there is a difference between transgender and transsexual this kind of depends


Anyway lettuce be random


it’s so easy to just like delete your words online when it’s the complete opposite in real life, what is the internet to be honEst


If I was a God or whatever. I would wait for people to go to war then turn all their weapons into water guns.


yeah i agreeE

although most peopel who say theyre transgender are also transsexual so like but still


okay i need to sleep because school tomorrow so i will continue this battle later


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