Do you ever listen to a song cover and it’s great because now you can understand that one lyric that you couldn’t with the original artist.?


science science grammar


Turkey baster :}


If our last names were our names spelt backwards…

Kayla Alyak


A lot of transgender people have dysphoria (opposite of euphoria) when it comes to their gender/sex - it’s a constant state of unease and anxiety. Not all trans people are diagnosed with it though, and not all trans people choose to transition. I don’t quite get what you mean by “born with it”.

It’s also more appropriate to refer to them as transgender and not as “transsexuals”. Ask them if that term is ok for them or not.

Also this is what I’ve gathered as a cis person so I could be just wrong about it all - trans kids here pls call me out :ok_hand:


What if I am in a parallel universe to @Simsnet and this phone is a portal?




does my crush like me back!!!


omg… but what if he does actually like me back?!


what should i do?!




ew no lol




s o f t a n d n e a t


mandela effect: i thought the pocket on my shirt was on the other sidE


I slept. Ya can’t sleep during war!


What is happening and why wasn’t I here


what if objects had feelings


art is happening my friend


Giraffes eat hyena poop to get their calcium since hyenas eat everything including the bones. I learned that at our zoo​:joy::joy:. They also may chew on leftover bones other animals leave, but of course they don’t eat meat.