the only animals that don’t have an even amount of whiskers are catfish


time to eat so i will continue this battle after i fill my stomach with tasteful substances



one time i had a shirt and like i didnt wear it over summer bc its a swEater so when i put it on again in like october i was like “i swear this had pockets”


hey nice i should try


omg are we in a parallEl univerSe


me too seems fun


i’ll get in the space car and we can do it together


omg i love moch and skank from superfuirt and pentonic!!!1!1!1!


and then i found a pic of me wearing the shirt but with pockets like my hands were in the pockets

the mandela effect is actually real yall pRoof


i love bonding


wOw mandela effect expOsed


me too we are such good buds


Honored to be on your team. Still confused af


best pals

right here

right now

slamming our heads against walls as exercise


yup true friendship right there


does anyone want to join the hoEs


friendship goals

goals remind me of sports no thanks


me too


Gosh darn it why am i never here when all the exciting stuffs are happening


I feel like god probably has a lonely sibling called fred