Tips on Training a Puppy?


Hey guys! I just got a new puppy. His name is Woody and he is supposed to grow up to be very big. I haven’t actually ever officially trained a dog. Simba is my brother’s so my brother trained him, but my brother hit and beat him a lot which makes Simba growl at anyone who goes to touch him.

Does anyone have any tips on how to house train him and keep him off of furniture? I don’t wanna hit him


House training is hard. The best thing in the beginning for that would be to take them out every hour if you’re home. If he makes a mess inside I would make him smell it and say no. When he goes outside I would give him a treat (bonus if he whines to go out instead of you just taking him) I would also have a special place for him when you’re not home (like we have a baby gate blocking the area under the stairs off and blankets and it’s their cubby) the smaller the space they less likely they will make a mess but obviously you don’t want an uncomfortably small space. As for the furniture… we just did that with our dogs. If they’re used to being on the furniture it’s harder but since yours is a new puppy it shouldn’t be too hard. Just push him off and tell him no every time he tries. If you let him once you show it’s ok… also do you have pictures??




So far he’s only made a mess once. He’s doing pretty good with the furniture too.


Okay, so he has not been doing good. I take him outside for a good 30 minutes and he doesn’t go. But when I bring him inside, he goes as soon as I turn my back for one second.


He’s sooo cute!!! :heart_eyes:


Thanks sis, but he’s gone… My dad took him back to the original owner because I’m not ready to take care of a puppy right now… I’m so sad


I’m so sorry.


Next time you can get a smaller easier to train dog.