Underrated PTX Songs!


Just a bunch of songs that I feel like fly under the radar or ones that people watch and then promptly forget, but I think are quite good. Tell me if you know all of these songs or if I missed any other underrated ones :slight_smile: Also maybe write down what you think of the songs you possibly didn’t know about (though I sort of doubt this would be the case for anyone in this fandom LOL)!
edit: forgot to add the hit medley they performed in a German show even though it was on my list :speak_no_evil: oops
edit 2: added background information to the more obscure ones!

Be Our Guest
Born to be Wild
Christmas Eve (a japan exclusive song for tctm deluxe!)
Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’
Go Tell it on the Mountain
Hit Medley in Germany (various hit songs not limitted to a particular year performed on a German show)
How Will I Know (Their tribute to the late Whitney Houston–this is the most underrated imo!)
Lights (a SoJam collab with other acappella groups at the festival!)
LMFAO Medley
Love, Love, Love (for the album Scott Alan Live: Special Edition of various artists performing Scott Alan songs!)
Love You Long Time
NSYNC Medley
Piece of My Heart
Pusher Love Girl
Sweet Nothing
That Thing You Do
That’s the Way of the World (their performance at the Grammy’s with Stevie Wonder that quickly got swept under the rug by the fandom due to people arguing about their outfits despite how beautiful the performance was regardless orz)
Thrift Shop
We Are Ninjas
We Three Kings (an extra christmas song for the Sing Off!)
When Love Takes Over (their collab with Natalie Weiss! She’s very good!)
You Da One


yeah their indeed underrated, but i listen to them all of the time :heart_eyes:


I love these! They are all so cool!


Do You Really Want Me? & Natural Disaster are super underrated IMO


You mean The Baddest Girl? If so, then I love those two!


Oh yes, that one. My bad.


It’s fine. (Post must be yada yada…)


I clicked on a lot of the links, just to realize I know the sings, I just didn’t pay attention to the title :joy:


Stars and Sweet Nothing are my favorite songs ever :ok_hand::heart_eyes:


Doesn’t Kirstin sound so good on both of them :heart_eyes:?


yeah she does… but she sounds good on all of their songs :heart_eyes:


Is it just me living where I do or something but is Crusin for a Brusin been taken down? It says it’s not available anymore…


idk but that would be sad, i love that cover :cry:


Ik right here’s proof for me anyway. Btw this is only on my tablet so it might just be me…


nope it’s just you… sorry


Damn. I’m gonna have to listen on my laptop instead. That’s annoying. But kinda in a good way…


yeah at least it’s not taken down


I suppose. (Post must be more than 20 characters… blabababa)


hahaha i get that a lot to :joy:


wait… YOUR NOT SUBSCRIBED!!! :fearful: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: