Underrated PTX Songs!


I’m not allowed. Right, I’m a teen who’s parents don’t know I do this and won’t let me have accounts for these things. I’m slowly getting through to them by constantly talking about YouTube and saying I want to put up some stuff of me online (piano stuff probs) and that my younger brother is starting one with one of my (kinda) friends but I haven’t got there yet. I’m working on it. Technically I shouldn’t be on here now, it’s almost half eleven at night and it’s father’s day tomorrow so ive got to get up early for a Sunday. Yeah… I’m not exactly the best behaved daughter in the world. Sorry I’m blabbing.


that’s stupid, i hope you get through the wall your parents are putting up.
tttttttttttttttttsssssssssss that’s just mean :confused:


Ik right. You wanna message. We seem to be chatting a lot?


Happens to the best of us hahah :smile:


I’m sorry to hear all of that :o and yeah, I think due to copyright w/ teen beach and things you can’t view it on mobile devices :confused:
I hope things turn for the better within your family!


see through!! i love it so much


I like See Through as well! Though I feel like literally everyone really loves it so :sweat_smile:
Maybe that’s only on the side of the fandom I always see :slight_smile:


See through is one of my favorites! Mitch sounds amazing in it, as always! :slight_smile:


If you have Apple Music it’s on there :slight_smile: I love their cover of it, I liked the first Teen Beach Movie so PTX made it better for me:)


Did you know I’m the guy that made the studio version?
This isn’t really a PTX song, but if Kirstin shared it to her Facebook page, I’ll call it one!


Thanks! I hope I’ll get through to them.


Not sure if this song is talked about that much, but Run to You is a really beautiful and underrated song


yes it is i have bin listening to a lot :heart_eyes:


Oh, I didn’t know! That’s really cool :slight_smile:
…I honestly thought it was a leak LOL
Does that mean you’re part of that channel? Or did they have your permission to upload that :open_mouth:


I’m the editor of Pentaholic’s Got Talent, a talent series that’s been on there since January. Kevin, Kirstin, and Scott are watching it!

I thought it would’ve been cool to give her the Be Our Guest video, and so I did. I created both videos she has on her page. The live one(not studio) I recorded on my small converter box, and sent it to Mia. She uploaded that to her channel, and Kirstin shared it to Facebook!!!

I also did a little screwing up on the audio channels and saw that multiple channels had different sounds, so I muted tracks 1, 3-5, and 7 and exported the remainder(2 and 6) to Mia, in which she faded at the end and added her overlay…

She also asked me to post Bones S11E16, but that didn’t entirely work out with copyright…


Ah ok. That’s really cool that you’re into all this editing stuff :smiley:
I’ve subscribed!


In fact, I think my video made her gain over 2500 subscribers…


…well i guess you could add me to that list of subscribers then lol


To The River is underrated and I think that’s only because it’s Target exclusive but still it’s an amazing song


I actually (randomly, the song came up and I’m listening as I’m typing lol) thought of another one! See Through is a really good song too!