Very very random question & topic lol

I’m in a small break right now from studying (Physics, lol. I hate it.) for a college entrance test, and suddenly I got curious about the educational system of your countries, or where you’re from…

Where I’m from (Korea), we have one nation-wide test which is basically the test that all high school students spend 99% of their time tirelessly studying for. Then whatever score you get determines which school you’re qualified for. I think it’s a similar system in America? Please correct me if I’m wrong…

And where I live (the Philippines), all schools’ tests are different, so you really have to pick a school you want to focus more on, then study accordingly. I just finished 11th grade, and in about 2 months, I’ll have to take entrance exam tests for college. (and i’m absolutely petrified)

I’m just curious about how it works from where you guys are??

My school never prepped us about choosing courses or even schools, when it’s already happening IMMINENTLY. The education system here is also so poor, as the government added K-12 only in recent years.

And only last school year, they added the four strands that senior high students are required to choose from. We have the HUMSS (Humanities and Social Sciences), which I’m in, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), ABM (Accounting and Business Management), and GAS (General Academic Strand).

Our subjects differ based on our strands, so for example I (HUMSS) have had Politics and Social Science as classes, while others haven’t. The STEM students have had Calculus while the rest haven’t. Still, we have core subjects which are a must-take, like Statistics and Oral Communication. Our school is also small, so sometimes we join the grades 11 and 12 together in one strand.

Then next school year (grade 12), we’ll have a different set of subjects for each strand. We don’t choose subjects, unlike how I think the US does. We just choose the strand for senior high, then the subjects just come along.

Do you guys have those? Or are those new concepts? I bet not.


The United States has 2 main tests, which may be required by some schools and are helpful to take to broaden your search for colleges. The SAT and the ACT can be taken prior to graduating high school.

Testing is also specific by state. In Florida, students are required to take and pass the Florida Standards Assessment, both math and reading exams. The FSA is only required if you have not taken and passed the SAT or ACT.


A lot of states either have gone to that or are going to that. SAT and ACT are as old as the hills.


Don’t you also have to take the PSAT in high school? I know when I was a junior we did but they also keep changing their testing.


You can take the PSAT as an option and some schools require it (my IB middle school required it)


When I took it I think the PSAT was in junior high.


Gotcha. I knew my high school gave it to everyone their junior year whether you wanted it or not. (Which was annoying because it was the Monday after I took the ACT on a Saturday)