Wait whose taken?


There don’t seem to be any recent photos of them, and on kirstie’s instagram story she posted a picture of her kissing another guy on the cheek w/ the caption ‘my cutie’… does anyone know if they’re still together? what happened with the wedding? honestly i’m just curious with these RecEnT dEVeLOpmenTs


They called off the wedding like a week or so before it was supposed to happen. Not together.


aww. well, whatever they feel is right. still a bit sad though. thanks :heart:


IM GLAD THEYRE NOT TOGETHER ANYMORE LMAOOOOO jermey or however u spell would sometimes restrict kirstin from expressing herself the way she wanted to which SUCKS ASS so yeah lmao i hope they both get in better relationships but i do not think they were good for each other


I’ve never heard this before :joy:


I did notice however that her Instagram and online posts went from a fun and personal standpoint to a more serious and sometimes limited side after the proposal.


Me neither. I’m not really sure what’s happening.


what do you mean?







I was so sad when they ended but honestly Kirstie seems so much happier now! She was a literal star on Broadway and just seems to light up so much more and looks happier also she got to keep her booboos so that’s the real important part.


Of course! Olaf and Pascal are the only men she needs


She might actually have a man but I don’t think it’s been confirmed


I really need to get back on Twitter


Let’s not forget this piece of history




'Tis better to have loved. We’ll always have the Disney Love Medley. :heart:


When I first showed my mom the Disney Love Medley, she said Kirstin sounded like a Disney princess and Jeremy had a nice smile. :blush:


I will not lie…listen to the new Happily Ever After show music, and when “I See The Light” comes on, try to find a difference during the first sentence. The rest of the song does differ from the medley.