WELL Then! Hrrmmmm


Apparently, there’s going to be a protest at my high school. Westboro Baptist is coming over on the 19th to protest (don’t know why or what for) and stuff during the school day. They’ve done it before and did it last year during graduation (one of my friends who’s in college now told me) and they just ignored them and trolled them during it since they were outside.

We’re all wearing white to tell them that hate is stupid and unacceptable and just causes drama. My principal emailed us about it and a group text from some senior classmates also informed me/us about it. Since I’ll most likely be inside during in I won’t have an issue with it (I hope).

For now, those at school should just ignore them and say nothing or they’ll get more attention and media coverage. They also do it at other schools all over and it’s ridiculous. Funny thing is, they don’t do it to Christian schools though (HM! I WONDER why!)

It could be that they’re doing it at my school first because it’s the biggest in PV, KS and has a semi-diverse population and we have a GSA club and a fair amount of people at school of mixed genders and sexualities or maybe it’s just because they just want to and no other reason besides…want.

Either way, it’s pitiful and stupid that they’re wasting their time JUST to send hate towards minors who (except for some ‘bad kids’) have done nothing wrong. I don’t know…it’s annoying.