What does your name taste/look like?


I was joking! Honestly, I was joking! Hahahaha sorry!!!


Omg I’m so sorry!!! I was super worried!! It’s all good dw


Hahaha! It’s okay! Don’t worry yourself either!


Lexi or Alexis


pale yellow and red, quite a rich minty taste


Green and purple, sort of like bacon?


lexi: purpley blue, it’s really pretty, tastes a bit like hummus


My sister wants to know what her name is like her name is Paige


i love the name page!
it’s really silvery and blue, and it tastes like cream


My name is Arantxa!

I’m so curious omg


hello hi i havent seen u around before

and sure thing!!

it’s really interesting, bc it fades from dark blue to a shimmery silver i really really like it
it has its own taste too that i can’t really describe it’s a bit like sweet and sour sauce with chicken?


What? Bacon is red XD


Ik!!! It’s so crazy that the colours don’t match up!!


Hahahaha no it’s okay! I just found it funny is all! Don’t worry! XD


I wasn’t worried!! But bc I can also taste colours it’s SO CONFUSING XD


Can you really? Are you serious?


yea i can!


Isn’t there a word for it? I can’t remember, I think that it starts with an S? Synthesia? Something like that?


yeah that’s it!


So cool!!!