What does your name taste/look like?


Pauline is purple with turquoise highlights, and tastes like lavender!


My name is colton


ooh pretty! it’s a soft blue, and slightly warm. it tastes like sweet cranberries :slight_smile:


Hi <3


Ariana is a small (idk how else to describe it) purple, and it has a really sweet cotteny taste


That’s actually really cool to know wow thank you :smile:


you’re so welcome!!! i like doing this a lot


wait yoo i want u do to do my friends name because i want to tell them okay so im gonna do a couple (which is more like 10 lol)


sorry that it’s a lot lol theser are some of my best friends so i want to know what ur brain makes out of them idk how to describe it (i have a color associated w each of them(not a taste though) so it’ll b interesting to see if we have any different ones. the colors i have associated with them are kinda based off their personalities but yeah)


wowowowwow okay

shala: a glittery Sky blue, meringue
Phonary: a deep purple, sweet lemon
marah: a sweet, detailed green, orange
brooke: silvery grey, tastes a bit metalic
skyelar: another light blue! tastes like a smoothie with strawberries and other stuff i cant rlly figure out
pj: white streaked with a super pale blue, a really thick creamy taste that’s almost guilty
olivia: a fragrent purple that tastes like macaroons
mackenzie: golden red, sweetcorn
amelia: Strong red, liquorice
cal: orange, spicy


sorry aaa i was a lot ik

im telling them right now and phonary said “i like purple and why lemon is my question”


Cotton tastes sweet? O.o


idk why the lemon it’s quite nice


ikr!!! im so confused with my senses


Hahaha no it’s okay! I just thought that it was a bit weird is all.


Oh dw I wasn’t upset! It’s confusing to me too lol




orange and sparkly, harsh blackcurrenty?




alex: maroon, with a light marshmellowy taste


Katelyn (hello)