What does your name taste/look like?


a turquiosey green with yellow stripes, tastes like bACON!!!


Alex Jijon




my name’s Jio…
i have a friend who also has synesthesia and i wanna see if what she says matches yours XD


Alex jijon:

alex: red, gingery but not as tangy?
jijon: really interesting, it swirls with the red and it’s a cold minty blue


kyndal: like one shade of purple away from black, almost sickeningly sweet


jio: yellow! tastes like marzipan


Whoa i had no idea you could do that sis!! Thats so cool? Could you do my name? Bente, in case u forgot :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


i usually go by Kay :))


i would never forget! :heart:

bente: it’s a pale silvery blue with like gold tints if that makes sense?
and it tastes like pavlova!



“Revive this topic?”

YEs caUSE iM CurIOus


really nice calming deep purple, and tastes like a kinda mild chocolatey banana bread?


My mom wants to know what hers taste like. It’s Lisa.


lisa is a pale green and tastes a lot like watermelon/kiwi


That is so so cool :heart_eyes: what about my first name, Isis? Also, Ladissia (What my step-mama would’ve named me if she had me). It’s pronounced La - dee - sia some people have trouble pronouncing it when they see it.


Isis is really vibrant blue and orange and tastes kinda like pineapple and raspberry
and ladissia is the PRETTIEST pale blue and it tastes like violets