What does your name taste/look like?


a turquiosey green with yellow stripes, tastes like bACON!!!


Alex Jijon




my name’s Jio…
i have a friend who also has synesthesia and i wanna see if what she says matches yours XD


Alex jijon:

alex: red, gingery but not as tangy?
jijon: really interesting, it swirls with the red and it’s a cold minty blue


kyndal: like one shade of purple away from black, almost sickeningly sweet


jio: yellow! tastes like marzipan


Whoa i had no idea you could do that sis!! Thats so cool? Could you do my name? Bente, in case u forgot :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


i usually go by Kay :))


i would never forget! :heart:

bente: it’s a pale silvery blue with like gold tints if that makes sense?
and it tastes like pavlova!