What hairstyle is your favorite?


We love all of Kirstin’s hairstyles, am I right?! What’s your FAVE so far?


Oh god!!
This is hard!!! Kirstin is looking amazing in every single show!! But if I had to choose one… Ah man!! I scrolled on her Instagram and SO MANY CHOICES!!!
OK I love her normal gold curls, she’s adorable with this hairstyle!! I also LOVE her half up have down bun she’s GORGEOUS!!! Oh and her Xena Warrior look is BOMB!!
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Yessss!!! I agree! I love her half up half down bun. :grin:


I agree, I love that half up half down bun look, it’s looks soooo good on her! And her Xena Warrior look is everything!:heart_eyes:


Yah that hairstyle is soooo super cute!! It is a really good look for her! But every hairstyle looks good on her! I have a hard time deciding which one is my favorite…


I’d say the half bun, half down style or the purple hair! :heart_eyes:


Can we please have her in more coloured hair!!! It looks so good on her! Even hair chalks?


That’s very hard! I’m obsessed with them all! If I had to choose one, it would probably be this one

She’s always beautiful


Honestly, I was so obsessed with the pink/coral wig from Japan. It was SO CUTE!!


This hairstyle from the show in Orlando has been my favorite so far :smile:


blonde 100%. she rocks it so well :two_hearts:


Blonde short hair Kirstin but I do miss the dark hair sometimes


i love when she has her hair curled. that’s really lame and simple but i love when her hair is curled.


The sailor moon buns :heart_eyes:


Her long black hair, definitely! I think she’s gorgeous no matter what, but I think this went with her skin tone and eyes so well!


Same. This undercut + her current short and curly blonde hair. I feel like she rocks every single hairstyle; i’m jealous.


True! I’ve always LOVED her black hair! It suits her so well!


JEEZ there are so many, but this is just one of my favorites. I think brown hair really suits her.


Long, half up half down blonde hair do in papaoutai! Your so cute!


I loved her long blonde mane! it really suited her, but literally anything she does works for her.