What hairstyle is your favorite?


…do her princess leia buns count? :joy:




I was just going to say that! That was my show, and her hair/outfit was the best that night.


Her hair looked absolutely ADORABLE yesterday! :heart_eyes:


im obbsessed

with this one!


@Anon_fanatic That one is definitely stunning! :heart_eyes: :two_hearts::heart:


I love this one with the undercut


I really liked when she did cornrows


From the “Cheerleader” video

I’d love to do something like this with my own hair, but I’m not very good at recreating looks…


i love this <3


I honestly love all of Kirstie’s hairstyles, but I couldn’t decide between these two:


Hey there! If you want the image to show up, replace what I quoted above with this:




My favorite is the one Kirstin had in the “White Winter Hymnal” video.


How much hairspray is in her hair to make that one stay? It looks so good though.


probably a full bottle :joy:


I love this :sparkling_heart:


so I’m reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaalllly late (lol) but the one that instantly comes to mind is that grey color from her photoshoot with Luke :heart_eyes: like SL :strawberry:Y

and her purple wig from tour :purple_heart:

but we all know Queen looks good, no matter what she does with her hair:)


Definitely this hairstyle!

I love her new ombre hair! So cute!