What happened to scott and mitch?


this is their recent live on superfruit, their first live in forever. the way they interact has changed so much! no one knows what happens… do you guys have any ideas?


I think it’s just one of those they’re growing up. They also are both in a relationship which hasn’t usually been the case. Also I mean it’s kinda normal to drift a little apart. Idk just my opinion though.


nah, i actually agree. they don’t live together anymore and probably don’t see each other much outside of work so i guess it’s natural. thank you!


Um what?!


Yeah? Scott has Mark and Mitch has Beau


Um I did not know this!!! I haven’t been on social media lately so I’m so behind :sob: are there pictures?


This is Mark most of the pictures of them together were on stories or with other people not exactly sure when their relationship started just that it’s a thing.


Dayum :heart_eyes:


And Beau they’ve been together just over a year and are surprisingly very open about it on social media. He frequently refers to Mitch as his rock star I think it’s cute. .


I’m so happy for both of them!


Me too! They’re all so visibly happy together too!


And they’re hot :joy:


Haha that helps too although Beau isn’t my personal type but he’s perfect for Mitch


They look really good together! And mark… oh mark :drooling_face::joy:


Exactly my emotions!


He’s hot!! I mean really hot!!


i knew about beau but i didn’t know about mark!!! that gets on my uwus my guys