What is Your Vocal Type?


I think there is something like this, but I can’t find it. So I’ll make a new one.

My vocal rage, most likely, is Alto 1. I can’t hit that many high notes, but I can to whitle tones, thank the Lord! :joy:


I actually don’t know, lol. I don’t know my range either. someday soon I’ll post a cover so you guys/gals can tell me, I wouldn’t know what song to sing, though, lol.


I’m a mezzo-soprano! My range is E3-D5 :blush:


FRAK! It’s that time in my life where I’m questioning my… vocal type/range


I don’t know. As of now, I have a pretty wide range. I can sing with the altos in choir but also with the sopranos.I had a pretty solid whistle register until I got laryngitis and I’m a little sick right now so I haven’t been trying to sing up there for a while. Mostly my director just puts me in the section that needs more sound because I do well in both.


in choir im an alto and my vocal range is F3-E5 :blush:


lmaoo m rn. :joy:


I’m a soprano and I just found out like Monday.


I’m an alto soprano🙂


Alto is what my singing teacher said.


I have no vocal range.


idk i took choir 4 years ago and was a soprano but that was 4 years ago. I think i’m E3-E6. Eb3 on a good day lol


I’m a mezzo soprano but I do better with the altos, on a good day (which is rare) I can hit whistle notes. Sometimes if I rest my voice and drink lots of water the day before I can be with the sopranos


can somone tell me?
My range :
F3- C6 (the one with two ledger lines in treble clef)
Soprano 2 or mezzo i guess, im not too sure what I am…


hahahaha omg of course you do!! anyone can SING SING SING SING, SING IT OUT AS HARD AS YOU CAN!!!


Where I went to church many years ago the preacher would tell us that we were to make a joyful “noise” unto the lord. The quality of our voices didn’t matter. :joy:


hahaha omg dont worry im not much better


Forever and always SOPRANO 2 LOUD AND PROUD