What is Your Vocal Type?


I don’t know the vocabulary(i.e. soprano, alto, bass, etc)


AHA i see wat u did der

hehe i’m not very good at singing in any way shape or form


I think I’m an Alto but I don’t do choir or anything so I’m not sure. I’m not even sure exactly what my range is but its something similar to Mitch’s, without the whistle range.


Bass. A1 to D/E4.


Baritone A#1 to B5 :notes:


I’m a second soprano and I honestly don’t know my vocal range :joy: I still have much to learn about music theory


Soprano I can hit most high notes and go as low as Avi


You have a really wide range! I’m not 100% positive, but I’m pretty sure you are a baritone.


is it?? i always thought it was hard!! omg


looks like i’m wrong… my life is a lie.


hahahaha omg thats what i feel like too when i get song lyrics wrong XD


So. i just found out that I am a mezzo soprano and both me and Kirstin have the same vocal range. : b but im more comfy doing the low-is notes. : b


My highest note is one lower then Kirstie’s and my lowest is one higher then hers. My range is a little smaller then the average mezzo.


then you might either be an alto or a sporano. what is your highest/lowest??


No, I’m a mezzo. My highest is a D5 and my lowest is a E3.


your a soprano then.


Since I’m in choir, I just asked my teacher. She said that it isn’t really safe to classify it yet, since at my age my voice is changing a lot. She said that once I’m in high school, then I will have my official vocal type. She said that I’m most likely a mezzo becuase if my lower range. So yeah haha. Sorry for the essay.


I don’t know the numbers -.-
but on a piano:
E below Middle C
G two octaves above Middle C (although I suppose that would be more whistle notes than anything)
Without doing whistle notes it’s two Ds above middle C

I think it’s Soprano?


the numbers is like. you have the first part on a piano. ABCDEFG thats 1-the lowest. then the second ABCDEFG that 2- the second lowest, etc etc…


I just found out the same thing!!! Woop woop!! Mezzo buds!!