What is Your Vocal Type?


When I was in high school, I was a mezzo-soprano. Now I’d consider myself an alto.


I’m a pterodactyl, and my range is D Dying cat screech- Bb Banshee scream :yum:

Honestly though, singing is not a talent I possess. My range is like one note less than a full octave, and my voice is the stuff of nightmares


So you can hit around a G1? :joy: :joy:


I have a solid range on any day of E2-about E6 through regular voice and falsetto, but on good days it’s up to about G6😝. And with hot tea, Idek but yesterday it sounded like a C7 (not to brag). I usually sing tenor 2 and baritone but can go to a tenor 1.


Same. I can sing… very badly! lol :joy:


I don’t know. I always thought I was an alto because it was where I was the most comfortable but my voice is generally a little higher and I’ve been told it adds volume. My chorus teacher in high school placed me with the altos because that’s where I was comfortable and she didn’t know where I’d be best becuase my voice tends to go high. My mom sang alto in a choir when she was younger. She says she thinks I’m a high alto but then she classified me as a mezzo-soprano. I have a friend who’s a music major who thinks I’m a soprano. I would like to get a vocal coach now because I really want to know my range now.


Dying cow? Benchwarmers? Those would be mine… I don’t sing and that’s for your benefit as well as mine


My friend says i have a large vocal range, so i dont really know my vocal type. They said i’m an alto, but another people said im mezzo soprano and another again said im soprano.
Actually i’m still confused about this :stuck_out_tongue: but my mom said i’m an alto, so yeah i better trust my mom :grinning:.


yea after a few months in show choir, i found my ACTUAL vocal type. It’s Alto 1 - Soprano 2. I can do the female parts: Alto 2, Soprano 2, Soprano 1, and Descant. I can sing 4 1/2 octaves so I have a wide vocal range lol.


wow… we love a shishtar who acts like she knows what she’s talking about but actually knows NOTHING :joy::joy::joy:


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