What's Good, Guys!


Just thought I’d check in and let you guys know what I’ve been up to.

Hector and I are still going strong, nearly two whole years. Sheesh…

Haven’t been vlogging as much, but I do have plans to vlog this summer, so that should be fun.

Sadly, though, I’m not attending Anime Expo this year, 'cause Black Friday tickets sold out way too quickly… Which kinda sucks, but what can ya do, really.

Speaking of Hector, though…

Just yesterday, he was telling me about this dream that he had…

In the dream, he was in a random room (I guess it was a living room), and then, out of nowhere, there’s a little girl standing in front of him. He didn’t get a good look at the girl’s face, but it only took one word for her to say, to wake him up from his dream.

And that word was…


It was crazy, guys, you have no idea.

I’ve had thoughts of us, like having a family before, but, I haven’t dreamt of anything at night (at least, not that I can remember).

But, yeah…

Just thought I’d share that, hehe.

Hope everyone’s well!


Glad to hear you are doing well. Good to hear from you.