What's your song of the day?


ok SO

its been a fat ass minute since i’ve been on here but i just logged on bc i missed it and i saw a topic called ‘share your song of the week’ and it ignited something inside me

i’m copying that topic but i’m making it per day instead of per week bc i want new songs EVERY SINGLE DAY bc i’m GREEDY (for love)

the format i’m doing it in is
artist - song
and then i talk about the song (you don’t have to do that but i like to)

i have -3 friends on here so this is gonna flop but i’m doing it anyway and if nobody joins in i’ll just do it my damn self !

the first ever song in this category and my song of the day is:
panic! at the disco - don’t threaten me with a good time

THIS SONG IS A GOTDAM BOP ok so it samples the song rock lobster which makes me laugh so hard bc it makes me think of the rock lobster dance from just dance (nobody knows what im talking about but thats aight) and i Guffaw everytime i hear the sample in the background

the vocals are obviously exceptional i mean we’re talking about brendon urie

overall??? a mf bop

also spontaneously adding this in, a daily random photo of ariana grande (i have way too many pics of her on my computer and i wanna share them) but also to baptise you daily

uhhhh idk how to end this here’s ariana


4 likes and 0 replies, i see how u guys play

anyway heres todays song

fickle friends - swim (duck house remix)

a dance bop bihhhh!!! also a great singalong song

her vocals are pitched downwards so she sounds kinda manly but she sounds great

the chorus makes me bop no matter where or when i’m listening to it

i think instead of formally ending these im just gonna give u ariana when im done


todays song:

ariana grande - you don’t know me

an underrated icon who deserves more than what she got !

ive heard this song was meant to be a duet with jason derulo which would have been so frickin cool omg

vocals??? godly. obviously.

beat??? boppin

overall??? underrated and deserves more




okay hi after reading these posts u seem like such a lit person hmu omg

and i’ll probably do this like every five days but i’ll still participate in the topic i’ve just been forgetting to come on here lol

ummmm let’s see what’s mine

probably the private and intimate life of the house from great comet ?? gives me chills like anD TIIIIIMEEEEE MOOVES OOOON and holy shit random but all this weekend the sky where i live has been SUPER pink like cotton candy pink right before the sun goes down and it’s gorgeous/happening right now

anyway back to the song it gives me chills a. love gelsey b. love my boy chef b c. dave malloy is an amazing composer me? jealous d. love denee even though she has one line in this song e. love gelsey did i say that yet



here’s today’s song

lorde - perfect places

every single song i’ve done so far is a boppin upbeat ass song i should do some slow ones

anyway i frickin love this song it’s like tennis court’s younger sister and it’s so fun to sing along to it with the car in with the windows down ehejkfhe i love this song <3 <3

listen 2 it


i’m not rly into musicals other than hamilton but i just istened to the song u named and i didn’t like it :’(

the first guy’s voice makes me uncomfortable but i rly like the girl’s voice a lot :slight_smile:

jus not exactly the kind of music i like


i’ve been gone the past couple of days so im sry but heres todays song

the 1975 - robbers

this song makes me cry and idk why

i like to fall asleep to it while imagining scenarios that would fit the song dfhsfkh

its so good tho

listen 2 it



that’s fine i used to not even like the song lmao

yeah it’s okay


today’s is prob mr nowack, will you please… from she loves me

my only reasoning for this being today’s song of the day is because i love laura benanti (and the “ms. balash are you intoxicated?”)


Goodbye from Lonely by Superfruit


today’s song:
alt-j - fitzpleasure

i have no clue what he’s saying throughout 98% of this song but issa whole bop

the beginning before the bass hits and then when the bass hits you’re like :open_mouth:

listen 2 it


Omen by Diclosure ft. Sam Smith
I know i’m SO late but I found it today and it’s really good!


you’re not late, its everyday bro!!! join whenever u want!!!


todays song:

china anne mcclain - what’s my name

it’s from descendants 2 and its a WHOLE BOP

listen to it <3 <3


I have two: Ed Sheeren’s Galway Girl and Nancy Mulligan! So romantic! :heart_eyes:


It’s everyday bro yeah! Are you a Jake Pauler, cuz I am!


are u joking i can’t tell


tpdays song:

pentatonix - white christmas

i’m SOOOO excited for christmas!!! i’m already listening to christmas music in october lol


Nope, not joking