What's your song of the day?


casual affair - p!atd im seeing them on tour dead yeah i’m actually so excited though i dont Even know yet


PTX- Despacito x Shape of You…, Because of a dream I had I obsessively listened to it for about 10-12 hours a day for 5 days straight. Uh, what the heck, here’s a short version of the dream without the line by line details;
So then, I had a dream that involves my sweet goddess and I. It seems my favorite song from their newest album is definitely Despacito x Shape of You and this dream just made me spend 5 days listening to it on repeat all of both days…. The dream…, wow!
Imagine if you will; A day during this upcoming tour, part way through the set at the end of one song the lights go out for second. Two spot lights come on to show Kirstie at the far right of the stage and me at the far left. The light on her is stronger, she is looking towards the back of the stage to my left as I spot her and then she see’s me. When our eye’s meet, the song begins, but all you can see is the two of us on stage, she’s using a hands free mike for this and I have none. I lip sync the opening of Despacito x Shape of You starting with Scott’s riff as I slowly make my way towards Kirstie. She looks me up and down and begins walking towards me with determination and interest in her eye’s. I stop for a beat and gesture towards her, left hand out, palm up, right hand over my heart then rising from there as the line; “You are…, my sunrise on a darkest day”. By the time the song progresses to; “ Makes me want to savor every moment”, I’ve started back towards her and she picks up her pace, with steadfast determination in her eye’s. We’ve not yet lost eye contact and maintain that throughout for the most part.
“Slowly…”, and I slow down, she doesn’t. “Slowly”, and she’s locked our legs together and slid her hand partway below the belt line at the small of my back and I hers. (When dancing “Lambada”, “Dirty Dancing”, “Deep sensual Tango” etc, this is where your hand goes in order to read and to direct your partner as you switch back and forth between leading roles). Eye’s still locked Kirstie begins singing her part while directing our “Grind” with lots of swaying, swiveling hips and rocking figure eights. Light couldn’t pass between us we were so close with that dance. We grind to the beat of the song at full pace with Kirstie taking lead as she sings her first verse.
Then I twirl her out and to my side for my next verse were we continue dancing together but not grinding this time. Matching our movements to the song we perform a number of different dance steps while holding hands, (my right and her left). We are the only two on stage who can be seen throughout the entire song, just we two on stage and we are the only ones in the entire arena who are lit, we are all you can see. Well, that and the screen behind us that shows a few scenes every now and again to go with the song and the occasion.
Then the line; “ and then we start to dance”, is when I tuck us back in and we grind to the music again as Matt sings; “And now I’m singing like,” and Scott takes over, not that it really matters who is singing the male part as I am lip syncing. We really pick up the pace again as Kirstie starts her second verse with; “Ya mo blemo(?)…”, as she tells me it’s no problem I’m crazy, her peeps are fruit loops too… ( Lol, one tends to glean silly things when one listens to a song on repeat for 40 hours or more, 8-12 hours a day for 5 days straight…).
Kirstie’s dancing and grinding is good and sexy, but mine is a bit more intricate ( you know, age and experience ya know…) and we continue under my lead as I tell her; “I’m in love with the shape of you…”. It really heats up when Kirstie starts her last verse demonstrating how they do it down in Porto Rico, let’s just say that most people who witnessed this thought that even with our clothes on, Kirstie had to have gotten pregnant with that dance anyway. Yeah, it was that hot and sexy! Totally blows the Tango scene in; “The Flying Dutchman” from the mid 1940’s, ( Tango to Rachmaninoff’s, “Bolero”, all 17 mins and 43 seconds of it…, sexiest dance on screen still to this day )!!! With that; “Li La Lo” the grinding dance reaches full speed until the bass line sings out with; “Come on…”, and we part to do a more traditional, not naughty, dance style.
When the song ends with Kirstie’s; “On yeah”, the screen hold a picture of a priest for just a few seconds then, we turn and take a bow and the lights go out for a moment before the normal lighting comes back up and everyone is seen on stage. Kirstie thanks everyone for; “Allowing us to tease you like that”. She then introduces me and blows everyone’s mind, because the secret had been kept so well…, she announces that we are getting married on the Winter Solstice. Needless to say, that woke me up. I didn’t appreciate waking up from that…, I wanna go back there! She smells and feels real good to me, at least in that dream!


Oh thank you. I had no idea this was out there. Although I think it funny that Americans mispronounce Forte, it’s actual said the same as Fort, it’s a French word so is pronounced without the “E”…


But is sounds so much classier with the E. :joy:


kitchen floor- all the rest
banana bread- cavetown


Throwback to one of my favorite Kelly Clarkson songs: “Piece By Piece”. The music video is literally the best. The first time I watched it, I was amazed. The second time, I cried and continued to play it on an endless loop. It’s powerfully beautiful for mothers and daughters. Kelly’s own daughter’s appearance in the video especially did it at the end. :heart_eyes:


A little late, but rest in peace, Aretha. :cry: :sparkling_heart:


Feel inspired :sparkling_heart:


I was 11 years old when Adventure Time premiered on Cartoon Network. A half hour ago, 20 year old me just watched the series finale. where the heck does the time go?

In honor of the show, I’m posting my favorite song from one of my favorite episodes: “What Was Missing” - where the characters had to form a band and sing a song good enough to open a magic door and get thier stuff back from the thieving Door Lord. (Season 3; episode 10)

The fun will never end. :sob: :two_hearts:



It’s an oldie but a goodie. It’s been my life song lately. I had the guy who I thought I was going to marry then he decided I wasn’t what he wanted anymore and that sucked. Working hard on loving myself and being happy alone!


@Katief1107 That’s been my Valentine’s Day song every year! :joy:

It’s okay. Love yourself. If it helps, we love you. :kissing_heart:


One year ago, Kirstin released the music video for “Bad Weather”. All her songs are amazing but this is my #1. Growing up insecure, teased and labeled by people for being short, naive and having “a voice like a baby”, I cried the first time I watched it. :two_hearts:


Well I meant to post this yesterday but it’s been my song all week… it really is starting to feel like most of our nation has forgotten that day. I was only 5 but I know I’ll never forget… https://youtu.be/p6yLQRF-cEU


Do not think performing Beoncye is impossible. :joy: :two_hearts:


let’s dab to stigma by bts/taehyung today


I love Christina Grimmie and still hear her today. #TEAM GRIMMIE



It’s extremely sad that we lost Christina Grimmie so early. #TEAMGRIMMIE


Yes please let’s do that