What's your song of the day?


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So last week my sister came home for fall break and played me “Sweet But Psycho” by Ava Max in the spirit of October. She’s obsessed with it. Now I’m obsessed with it. This would be so fun to cover for Halloween someday. :smiling_imp:


Last day of fall break…

Putting the spotlight on another binge: Hayley Kiyoko, singer-songwriter, musician, dancer, actress and director. I love her dream pop/synth pop sound and she’s one of my favorite openly gay singers. She directs all her music videos and I threw back to all of them last night…

I like her song and music video for “Gravel To Tempo” as she shows off her amazing dance moves seductively towards the popular girls at school. The beat is also amazing, especially the sand-like sound at the beginning and end. :notes:

Her song and music video for “Sleepover” kind of reminds me of Kirstin’s music video for “All Night” in the sense of a love that’s physically there or not. But really it’s about being in love with your best friend, but she doesn’t know it. :broken_heart:

What I love about her song “Girls Like Girls” is that she calls it a female anthem for a girl stealing a guy’s girl. Music video’s so romantic and like the first music video I saw by her. :cupid:

I think “Cliff’s Edge” is one of my favorite songs and music videos with Hayley dancing. She’s dances in the water like a beautiful mermaid in an unstable relationship. :broken_heart:

And “What I Need” ft. Kehlani. I don’t listen to Kehlani too often, but I love her voice. AND SHE’S PREGNANT!!! :baby:t2: Also a music video with a great beat and romantic storyline. :cupid:

I saw someone comment on YouTube “every time I listen to her, I forget boys exist”. :joy:


Hayley Kiyoko is the best female singer that I’ve heard (not excluding Kirstin) and her music is amazing also I actually like her videos and she directs her own music videos which is cool.


Not excluding Superfruit (duh) :strawberry:


Lady Gaga - “Hair Body Face” was A Star Is Born. My sister and I saw the movie two days after the premiere.

It’s so poppy and and the lyrics are beautiful. I love the chorus:

“Tryin’ to leave here
But you won’t let me leave
Sayin’ that if I care what they think I’ll never succeed
I won’t leave here if you promise to me
I got the hair body face
Hair body face for you”

I’m also kinda interested in seeing “Bohemian Rhapsody”. The trailer premiered before the movie.

Which is why I’m also adding “Radio Ga Ga” because without that song, we wouldn’t have Mother Monster.


Gonna start responding to this thread :smiley:

Today’s song: Trip by Ella Mai

Absolutely amazing. Her vocals give me goosebumps. I listen to this song over and over again. I personally believe Ella Mai is underrated.


Today’s song: boo’d up by Ella Mai

Another Ella Mai song because she is so freaking talented. I believe that she will be the next big RnB artist.


Today’s song: You The One by Nba YoungBoy

I don’t listen to a whole lot of nba youngboy, but I live for this song. My boyfriend always sings the chorus to me when we cuddle :two_hearts::two_hearts:


Rihanna covers…

Mandy Moore singing “Umbrella” - her voice and this performance is just so intimate and beautiful. :open_umbrella::two_hearts:

Kirstin singing “Stay” at Broadway Sings - every time I look at my Rihanna poster, I swear I think of this video now. :joy::two_hearts:


Today’s song: New by Daya

Her vocals are so powerful in this song it gives me chills when I hear it. And I also used to relate to this song very much

“Don’t want new, I want you”

Of course now I’m in a very happy relationship and in love which is why I said “used to” but even in my amazingly happy relationship I still listen to the song because of daya’s amazing voice


Daya came to my sister’s school 2 years ago and she got to see her. I’m still jealous. My theater big from my old college just saw Tori Kelly! :open_mouth::heartbeat::sob:


Today’s song: honestly by Gabbie Hanna


Ok so …

Sabaton- The Price of a Mile-

It’s a song about soldiers who fought in the Battle of Passchendaele


Today’s song: Pyscho by Post Malone


Okay, I’ll be the first…

BTW: I never go a Halloween or Christmas without watching “The Nightmare Before Christmas”.


i haven’t listened to the album, i don’t think i will. they’ve changed a lot and i’ve kinda. drifted out of the fandom?


Forgot to do yesterday’s

Yesterday’s: Break a little by Kirstin
Today’s: water by Pentatonix


Today’s: Can You Hold Me by NF ft. Britt Nicole