What's your song of the day?


“You Belong” by Rachel Platten. She’s having a baby girl. :baby:

Platten is such a beautiful artist and I think she needs more recognition than just for “Fight Song”. But I love “Fight Song”. And “Stand By You”. :two_hearts:


I know this is saying something, but this is one of the BEST Pentatonix performances I’ve ever seen. Kirstin and Mitch witch slayed!!! Question: when is Mitch going to be on Broadway? :heart_eyes:

After all the crap Ariana’s been through, watching her in her theater roots, happy, doing what she loves, it’s beautiful. :heart:


I forgot yesterday’s again!

Yesterday’s: Get Back Up Again from Trolls
Today’s: How Far I’ll Go from Moana


Happy Halloween! :jack_o_lantern:

I just posted Taylor Swift’s “22” on my sister’s Facebook page. :birthday: :two_hearts:


Today’s song: Mary, did you know? By Pentatonix


Haha the fact that you chose to post that to her makes me laugh. I’ve been saying for weeks how I’m going to sing that song all day on my birthday.




Once upon a time the big sister was a crazed swifty when Taylor broke out. She sang all her songs and played her little sister all her music videos while showing her how to use YouTube. “22” was one of the big sister’s favorites growing up. And since the day it was first released, the little sister made a vow to play it for her big sister’s 22nd. She waited years but the day is finally here! So, I’m proud to say I finally did something little me said I was going to do in the distant future. :joy:


“Him & I” by Halsey and G-Eazy. I think what I love about that song is that it’s not slow emotional and lovey dovey because that’s not the style of either artists. It’s both romantic, fresh and youthful. Halsey’s got such a cool voice. Not Romeo and Juliet, 2017 Bonnie and Clyde. :joy: :two_hearts:

“Grenade” by Bruno Mars - I love his upbeat music, but soulful sounds are my favorites. Also “Versace on the Floor” - I love purple and Zendaya.

“Am I Wrong” - Nico and Vince. I wish I could hear that song as often as I used to. :sob:


Mashing up “I’m A Mess” and “Issues”? LOVE IT!!!



is it too early to get into the christmas season the answer is no i’m wearing christmas socks
anyway my song of the day is we three kings ptx version who’s gonna join my dabbing party for this one :frowning_face:


Never too early for Christmas




Christmas Christmas time is here! Time for joy and time for cheer!!!

Also I guess it’s make you sick to know we put up our trees (all 4 of them) next week






big yikes


I don’t actually like spongebob but it was the first one I was able to find :joy:


So Ariana Grande is coming to North Carolina in June. I looked into prices for tickets and…let’s just say it’s nice to dream. :disappointed_relieved: Back to reality…

Thank U, Next - Ari’s turned her pain into something beautiful. I’m such a proud fan. :two_hearts:

Breathin - one of my favorite songs from Sweetner. I got like two weeks left of the semester, everyone is once again praying on my mind, my confidence, my future and I just really need the chorus. :sleepy: