What's your song of the day?


SOTD: Angel with a shotgun by the cab


No Tears Left To Cry - Citizen Queen


Hi, @maldonado!!! :two_hearts:

Of course this thread is still alive! Everybody loves music. :microphone: :slight_smile:


Today, because I will be writing at least one of the more romantic parts of my book, and definitely the bit where the person Kirstie will be in 500 years the bit where she let’s her intended ( the person Avi will be in 500 years ), know that she is finally ready to make a life with him. So…; https://youtu.be/elwBtOpfzg8


sotd - valentine by 5 seconds of summer

this song sounds so different from their older stuff and i absolutely love it, the indie sound works so good for them


SOTD: Immortals by Fall Out Boy


“Everytime We Touch” - Cascada

Today Dad stopped at McDonald’s and while I was in the car. Another car drove by blasting “Everytime We Touch.” According to my sister that’s the anthem of every Duke basketball game. I love the song too but it’s a little too upbeat commercial. Personally, my Cascada jam is “Evacuate the Dancefloor.”


Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Kirstin


I :heart: her so much! :sob: :rainbow:


The Monster is my #1 this week on “The Masked Singer.”

Just for him, I’m posting the song “I Want a Monster to Be My Friend” by En Vogue from Elmopalooza. I still have the video, but sadly not a video player. Childhood nostalgia. :sob: :broken_heart:

Monster, every word in this song is my love letter to you! :kissing_heart:


My favorite is tied between the rabbit and monster


Never Enough - Citizen Queen


Eastside by Benny Blanco, Halsey, and Khalid.

This actually the only song I’ve been listening to recently. I love the music, that’s the main thing I’m obsessed with. The beginning with Khalid’s vocals gives me goosebumps. I also like the video itself for the song. I kinda wish they involved a little background on Khalid because the video mainly focuses on Benny and Halsey. I still loved it though. That might be my girlfriend and I’s song. I’m not sure yet.


“Dear No One” by Tori Kelly - Happy Valentine’s Day, Kyra. I love you. I don’t tell you very often. :kissing_heart:


Angel by 5th Harmony (Nightcore)

So catchy! I have no idea what the heck the lyrics are to this song, so I always find myself frustrated when I’m trying to sing it but don’t know the lyrics to sing :joy:

The bass is so uuugh. With the right headphones, listen to this song and the bass will give you goosebumps. My friend introduced me to this song.

I actually haven’t heard the original version of it. I only listen to the Nightcore version.


“Diamond Heart” by Lady Gaga - one of my favorite Gaga songs and it was the Lion’s last performance on “The Masked Singer.” Her voice actually sounded like she channeled Gaga at the chorus. Gaga…Aguilera…I know it’s not either of them, but I know that voice. I, however, have no idea who the Lion is.


The Sound of Silence - Pentatonix


I listened to it today for the first time after not listening to them for a while and L O V E D it


it was AMAZING


First time I listened to that was yesterday and I was like…wow. Not the kind of “wow” with a “!” just a airy “wow”…the kind that takes your breath away… :heart_eyes: