What's your song of the day?


sotd - $$$ by g-idle … this song is so good omg ive never heard anything like this


ABBA - no particular song. I just binged on all of them along with the film Mamma Mia! I still need to see Lilly James in the sequel. :sob:


legend g idle made 2018/19 exist


G-IDLE ARE FUCKING LEGENDS HGHGHGHGHGH STAN THESE QUEENS my ultimate gg bias group sfhfoqaldasndiahdiw




“Armor” by Sara Bareilles

“The woman who survives intact and happy must be at once tender and tough.”

  • Maya Angelou :two_hearts:


I Wouldn’t Mind by He is We

“I’d fall anywhere with you, I’m by your side. Swinging in the rain humming melodies, we’re not going anywhere until we freeze” :heart:

“Forever is a long time… But I… wouldn’t mind spending it by your side” :heart_eyes:

“Tell me everyday I get to wake up to that smile. I wouldn’t mind it at all” :purple_heart:


Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars

When I see your face
There’s not a thing that I would change 'cause you’re amazing
Just the way you are
And when you smile
The whole world stops and stares for a while
'Cause girl you’re amazing
Just the way you are



Mixtape #2 - Stray Kids

(Translated from Korean so it might not be completely accurate)

In my head, colourless voices
Stepping in my heart, hopeless choices
I know I can’t succeed if I feed like this
Leave like this
Scarred and feared pain like this, yeah

:blue_heart: :blue_heart: :blue_heart:


“Sucker” by the Jonas Brothers. I’m still shook by their reunion. I’m once again the little girl who kept a picture of Joe in her diary and started a “I :heart: Nick club” with her sister and cousins. :joy:






I was always the weird one that loved Kevin. I still can’t believe they’re back together! I hadn’t listened to anything from them all together since 2013 but when they announced the reunion I’ve been listening again! It’s like my childhood!


I know right? My most played throwbacks so far are “Year 3000” and “Burnin’ Up.”


“The Middle” - Kirstin’s Kinky Boots Cover. :high_heel: :notes:


Broadway’s Hamilton…

“Wait for It” performed by Leslie Odom Jr. - Meghan and I can both agree it’s a seriously underrated Hamilton song.

“Helpless” performed by Phillipa Soo - my musical theatre roommate used to play that song 24/7. It was like her favorite song from Hamilton. Now that we’re apart, I like listening to it 24/7 and I love it. :joy: :two_hearts:

Hamilton mixtape…

“Wait For It” covered by Usher.

“Helpless” covered by Ashanti, featuring Ja Rule.


The Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin

I’ve been trying to expand my taste in music because my girlfriend listens to almost anything you can think of. So, I have come across a couple of bands and Breaking Benjamin happens to be one of them. The Diary of Jane is the first song I have heard by them and I really like it!


I Wouldn’t Mind by He is We.

I know I’ve said this one many times before, but yesterday my girlfriend and I had a beautiful moment with this song. We were outside and I was holding her while listening to music. This song came on and we both started singing it. She grabbed my hand in the chorus and I kissed her forehead. It was such an amazing memory I will always keep.


That is the SWEETEST