What's your song of the day?


Song of the day (and probably tomorrow TBH): Christmas Eve/ Sarajevo/ 12/24 (I had no idea the title was that long) because pandora played it and I realized how much I want to watch that movie again.


todays song:

twenty one pilots - migraine

this song has some of the greatest lyrics i’ve ever heard


smth by the beatles probably idk



probably lovesong by the cure yeet

also andrea should come back on here wow (random i know)


i have two

Evergreen - YEBBA

Santeria - Sublime (had a bit of a throwback music party in the car with my mom)


todays song:

kodak black - tunnel vision

this song is actually so good lyric-wise ppl give kodak so much shit for no reason


todays song:

charlotte cardin - les eschardes

french music is stunning


todays song:

sza - doves in the wind

the word pussy is said a lot in this song

her and kendrick work so well together i want a full mixtape with just them


Wonders by the script is my song of the week :joy::joy:. It makes mornings actually not all that bad.


today’s song:

beyonce - listen



how 'bout a dance from bonnie and cyde

laura osnes, i’m gay

also she’s a great singer woW


reality in motion by tame impala

good album(if you listen to the song and like it LISTEN TO THE WHOLE ALBUM IT"S GOOD), good song

i do recommend


Hold Me Up by Conrad Sewell - UNDERRATED


today’s song:

young thug - constantly hating

A MF BOP MAN!!! i love rap music so much its a problem


todays song:

lana del rey - guns and roses

i’ve been posting lots of rap here so i decided to switch it up


todays song:

cast of hamilton - the schuyler sisters

hell ya



i don’t wanna dance by coin it’s lit


todays song:

rihanna - close to you

vocals queen!!!


todays song:

lil peep - u said

rip sweet boy :c i love you


We Need A Little Christmas - Johnny Mathis