What's your song of the day?


todays song:

lil peep - witchblades

‘when i die bury me with all my ice on
when i die bury me with all the lights off’

i miss u bbyboy:((((( hope yr buried with all yr ice on


Christmas Canon - Trans-Siberian Orchestra


Black and White by Todrick Hall, Superfruit, and Kirstin Maldonado


i love that song!!!


All I Want For Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey


todays song:

oh wonder - shark

slow songs n rap music are the only things i listen to anymore


That’s Christmas To Me - The Pentatonix


montana by frank zappa

when ur a dental floss tycoon :weary: :weary: :100: :sweat_drops:


Angels We Have Heard On High - Pentatonix


can’t we be sweethearts by the cleftones

makes me wanna fall in lov and be soft lol




Deck The Halls - Pentatonix (New Video!)


beyonce - daddy lessons

a legend who deserves every single smidgen of success shes ever had



Hey maldonado, why do you always post Ariana? I mean I love it! I’m a muy Grande fan. I’m just curious. :heart:


lol I have way too many photos of her on my computer so I wanna free up space by using them somehow also like who DOESN’T wanna see a picture of ariana grande daily


Today it’s all of the OUAT musical songs. Thanks for mentioning that episode, @PTX.mel


So Kenzie Nimmo released a new video and now that’s my song of the day. It’s so good and her and Harris are the cutest couple.


aaahh thanks


I have two songs today: For Puerto Rico by small ham man Lin-Manuel Miranda (in honor of my Spanish class ending) + Nothing More by The Alternate Routes (because I just saw the end of the NCIS episode with that song and it’s so pretty)


Might help if our the right song name, the first one is called almost like praying featuring artists for Puerto Rico. But small ham man wrote it because dude apparently never sleeps.