What's your song of the day?


My dad likes Halsey’s “Bad At Love” - interesting.


we are bulletproof pt 2 by BTS


or war of hormone by BTS


or blood, sweat, and tears by BTS


or go go by BTS


or DNA by BTS


Just about all the songs on my Kelly Clarkson “Wrapped in Red” Christmas CD.


My mom and I were watching ION. They’re Christmas movies are corny but we actually liked a 2016 film called “A Cinderella Christmas”. It’s not great but it was nice. There was a romantic Christmas song playing at the end. My point is I finally found it on YouTube.


heyy welcome back!!!


Oh yeah HEY!!!


I’m here and I’m alive :grin:


Nico’s (cover of) These Days :heart:


mars argo - runaway runaway

i love mars so much :((


hmm i don’t have a fav song right now but i’m in love with the new brockhampton album so there we go


word of your body reprise spring awakening


“Santa’s Coming for Us” by Sia




I have 2


Dancing Queen and Mamma Mia