What's your song of the day?


So my song for today is:
Bad Lip Reading - Bushes of Love
This song is like from the start of 2016, but my friend kinda of brought it back from the dead and the thing about this song is that it doesn’t make ANY sense, but is so good. Guess we all got a chicken-duck-woman thing waiting for us.


Whoa, it’s actually weird to end this without Ariana. But I don’t have any photos of her so…

Have Mitch

You’re welcome:~~Alê ^-^


Oh my gosh! YASS! I’m pumped for the sequel! I was always mad that the film never really revealed who the father was. My parents are 100 percent it’s Sam though. “Mamma Mia” is also one of my favorite songs/scenes. I also love “Honey, Honey”.



In high school, an old friend showed me this music video. It has everything, a beat, a dragon, adventure, and romance - he’ll go anywhere to find her. :heart_eyes: :dragon:

If you have the time WATCH IT!!!


My theme song for 2018, Natural Disaster by Pentatonix.


I’m a simple person. I’m Asian, I like Asian things, I’m nerdy, sooooo…I’ve been listening to this song because…no lyfe.

It’s a cover but the mashup of their voices fit together really nice and both can speak Japanese very well even though the girl is Korean and the guy is…American and something else…don’t remember. But yeah. It’s an addicting ear drug


“Natural Disaster” is definitely one of my favorite Pentatonix Scott solos! He’s a vocal powerhouse! :heart_eyes:


As a fairytale lover, this was one of my favorite songs:

So of course I freaked when I found this years ago:

And this:

I want to go to Never Neverland! :sparkling_heart:


I cri when I hear these


Say The Word - Kirstie Maldonado


literally all of the new muriel’s wedding musical album dudeee i’ve been waiting for it to come out ever since i saw it


Playing with fire by blackpink


This has been my song of the week since Wednesday (when it came out)


Girlfriend by Phoenix


Today it’s unforgettable by Thomas Rhett.


Can’t Stop The Feeling - Peter Hollens featuring Mario Jose


21st century girl by BTS


santa fe from newsies (i’m visting oof)


I haven’t done this in a while so let’s see…

Lonely Girl - Symon. After hearing that song, how is she not big?

I don’t know if it’s because I love Kinky Boots or because Kirstin’s in it but I’ve been constantly listening to History of Wrong Guys - Luaren. It’s so vocally fun!!!

Middle - Zedd, Grey and Maren Morris. I can’t stop listening. It reminds me of Stay and Starving and Morris a great voice!!!

Bleeding Love and Better in Time - Leona Lewis. She is seriously underrated.

Tell Me Now - Mario Jose


Stick Up - Honey Cone; this song was released in like 1971. I heard it while my dad was playing his stations. He was surprised I knew the words because he doesn’t think I listen.