What's your song of the day?


The Internet is Here by Dan and Phil


Do Re Mi-Blackbear

ya it’s been stuck in my head ever since i woke up this morning so why not??


On study day, I went to the music conservatory to return all my music to my chior teacher’s assistant. I don’t know why I never mentioned this, but he looks like Avi. The only differences are his hair and beard are straighter, he’s younger (25 or 26) and his voice is between tenor and baritone. Anyway after I gave him much music, I couldn’t help but overhear the music her was listening to. I unintentionally ended up staying with him for 3 hours as he introduced me to music I’ve never heard before. Out of curiosity, I asked him if he liked a Capella…yes, but not too much. Anyway, he showed me this video of one of the most AMAZING contralto voices I’ve ever heard.


No Tears Left To Cry - Ariana Grande

A year ago, I was working so hard to get through my first year of college, so I stayed out of the music loop for a while. When I was home on break, I texted my sister hi. She texted me the lyrics from Adele’s “Hello”, which was new at the time. I had no idea what she was talking about. When I showed the texts to my parents, they freaked out thinking she was in California. :joy:

I finally got her back. :smiling_imp:





Omg! I’m watching that movie with my sister right now…not the live action, the animated.


Remembering an angel :sparkling_heart:


After the Grimmie family released “Little Girl”, I commented love and respect to Christina as always. I was later contacted by Sophie Smith (a singer songwriter) who wanted me to listen and share a song she wrote for Christina called “Closer To You”. Sharing it, hoping the Grimmie family will hear it. :heart:



A year ago today, Kirstin released her first solo single, “Break A Little”.


Hats off, Sara! “Chandelier” is a really hard song to sing. With that said, hats off to Sia as well! :heart_eyes:



It’s funny. When I first saw/heard Wizard Of Ahhhs, my high school was doing a production of Wizard of Oz. Because I was taking a musical theatre class that year, I was required to audition. I didn’t realize how much I wanted it until they turned me down. :cry: Oh well. I love Todrick’s fairytale themed music videos. Kirstie is an amazing Dorothy. :blush:


“Delicate” by Taylor Swift

It’s not a hard song to understand the meaning - longing/having someone who likes you despite what they’ve heard about your reputation.

My mom says how the music video is so stupid with her dancing and all. I was so mad because it’s one of my favorite music videos.

I just love the storyline - Taylor feels happy to have freedom from her stardom as a peice of paper makes her invisible to the public, so she dances like no one’s watching. She than gets sad missing human interaction. I especially love the end when the paper makes her visible again. People at a subway stare at Taylor, but she breaks the fourth wall, noticing someone who sees her for more than her reputation.

Country or pop, with songs like “Delicate”, Taylor Swift is one of my favorite lyricists, because she always tells a story. I love her songwriting and filming team for this one.

I have so many friends and family who hate Taylor Swift’s music and I wish I didn’t feel embarrassed for saying I don’t. :unamused:


Shame on your friends for making you feel embarrassed because you like music that they don’t.

Keep on being a proud Swifty.


@ajptx101 you’re wonderful. :kissing_heart:


Don’t be embarrassed! I love Taylor and have since she first started (like I bought her first album for like $5 when it was released because she looked pretty :joy:) shame on your friends for making you feel embarrassed for your interests!


She did look pretty. :joy: Thx, @Katief1107. :kissing_heart:


big time rush theme song also is kira still active


hasn’t been for a long time we’ve shrunk a bit