What's your song of the day?




just so you guys know for those of us who aren’t american we find your anthem extremely patriotic


ours isn’t much better though it used to be really racist
but we never sing it anyway so


I did not know this.


It’s interesting that the national anthem is such a hard song to sing even if you’re a professional. I actually did a research assingment on the song once where I read about the exact difficulties. Overall, just remember the words and sing it nicely. It doesn’t have to be a big showstopper because it’s not about you.


Binging on the Waitress soundtrack, especially “What Baking Can Do”, “The Negative” and “She Used To Be Mine”.

Needless to say Sara Bareilles is such an AMAZING songwriter!!!


waiting room- rex orange county


Words fail- Dear Evan Hansen I’ve been obsessed with this show for a while now and this song is the current obsession. So excited that it’s coming to Orlando and I’m going to go!


mood i haven’t been on here for months


“If I Ever Fall in Love” is one of my favorite Pentatonix collaborations. Jason Derulo is amazingly talented, but sadly I don’t listen to most of his songs because they can be inappropriate. I think he makes the most amazing high notes/falsettos and he should definitely do more emotional songs like this. I feel guilty saying this, but his voice almost took my attention away from Pentatonix…almost.



16/04/16 by cavetown


I’m dedicating more songs to the beautifully talented Sara Bareilles. Because my sister won’t be home until after my birthday (for the second year in a row) she used Amazon Prime to send me an early birthday present: Bareilles’s 2007 CD “Little Voice”.

Track Listing - the :heart:’s mark my favorites:

  1. Love Song :heart:
  2. Vegas :heart:
  3. Bottle It Up :heart:
  4. One Sweet Love :heart:
  5. Come Around Soon
  6. Morningside
  7. Between the Lines
  8. Love on the Rocks
  9. City :heart:
  10. Many the Miles
  11. Fairytale :heart:
  12. Gravity :heart:

Love Song - I can’t wait to be nearing a bad breakup so I can sing that song to that special someone. :broken_heart:

Fairytale - I especially love how Bareilles rewrites all the classic princesses as feminists. :crown:

Gravity - best part is literally the end when Bareilles hits “The one thing that I still know is that you’re keeping me down”. I get so lost in that song. :sparkling_heart:

Everything about Bareilles’s voice, music and writing is so powerful and complex. I hope someday I can become half the songstress she is. I’ll be honest. Another reason why I absolutely L O V E Kirstin is because she also loves Bareilles…her and Kelly Clarkson. What are the odds that Bareilles was a judge when PTX was on The Sing Off? Oh please God, let me meet these stars someday! :sob:


always by patd


“Growing Pains” by Alessia Cara - every word relatable in every way. I can’t even right now. :unamused:


Omg I miss herrrrr :sob:


cocoa by liana flores (her voice is amazing go check her out :heart:)


I Heard it!!! I LOOOVE IT!!! :heart::heart::heart:


phat mood