What's Your Word For 2017? ✍


With a new year coming up, we did this activity at my church: write a word you hope will express 2017.

My word: Dream

My sister’s word: Hopeful

My dad’s word: Breakthrough

My mom’s word: Overcome

To celebrate the arrival of 2017, write a word that you hope will express the new year! :fireworks:


Mine would be : Peaceful


I probably have a lot, but one is: Recollection


That’s perfect!


Thanks! The ones you mentioned are also great themes that I want to pursue and live by!




My word is going to be: Fun!

The reason I’m picking the word fun is because I have a lot of anxiety and get stressed out easily which means I often deny myself to have fun because I’m too stressed about what other people think.
I’ve been trying to overcome this for a few years now and I’m finally ready to just do what I want to do, not what I think other people would want me to do! :slight_smile:


Amen to that!


I hope mine will be Motivation. I’m concerned that I’ve gotten too lazy with my schoolwork, and with my health, that it’s gonna take a long time to regain the light and strength inside of me instead of this lazy unmotivated person I’ve kinda morphed into. Ive been hoping and praying that some kind of motivation pushes me so I can stop being so lazy! At least the first step is admitting it, am I right? :sweat_smile:


Optimism :sparkles:


Confidence :heart:


Mine would be: Kindness




Strong ::muscle:


Mine is path




I found this which was pretty cool. According to this, my three words are: success, ocean, friends


This is cool! I had Harmony, success, wonder


From this, I got: Harmony, Freedom, and Intelligence :grin: